11 Oct 2015

Week ending October 10th 2015

On Friday night , October 9th,  FOUR gorgeous , sexy tgirls ( including myself ) attended my Dark Thrust party , where they surrendered themselves to SIX powerful , assertive, athletic, sexy , virile, demanding Black African Male Bulls.

Over the course of 3 hours they thoroughly used our mouthes and arses for their big , black dicks.
This is always a FREE service to black men.
Most of the men are married or have girlfriends , they just like the absolute privacy and discretion of our parties and a chance for them to enjoy the anal penetration that their female partners can't or won't give them.

i organise a party once a month - no charge.

In our "organisation" we now have 15 gorgeous tgirls and 30 handsome Black Bulls who regularly attend our parties.
We are always looking to hear from NEW tgirls and Black Bulls who would like to join in the debauchery.

If you would like to join us , please apply through the website

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