4 Oct 2015

Wednesday September 30th 2015

On Wednesday September 30th I went to a tgirl and admirers sex and social party in a swingers venue in Sutton South London.
I would estimate that about 30 tgirls and 12 males attended.

I arranged to meet a Black Dominant male there and he spent the entire day using my mouth , throat and ass for his HUGE black cock.

At one point , he had me in one of the bedrooms , on a circular bed , on all fours.
He invaded my mouth and held my head against his groin. In this position i was unable to see anyone to the side of me , or behind me,
I could get the feeling from his body movements though that he was inviting other men to come over and use my arse whilst he fucked my throat.
In no time at all all I could feel a cock pressing against my arse hole and then , i felt the full penetration.
I was being ridden from front and behind and i had NO IDEA who the man behind me was , or looked like.
After he had cum , he was replaced by another man and then , the big black dick of my companion in my mouth was replaced by another , anonymous, stanger.
This Black man was NASTY and he passed me around the group of men like a piece of fuck meat.

After a break, the Black man took me to the fetish dungeon that they have on the premises.
The men piled in to the room as he lay me flat on my back on the leather bench , attched my ankles to stirrups and proceeded to glove-up his hands.
He reached for the lube and proceeded to finger my arse hole.
Next another finger joined in , then another , then another.
Soon he was sliding his fist up my ass - to the amazement of the other onlookers.

He finished off the day by fucking me with his massive meat.

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