22 Mar 2014

Week ending March 22nd 2014

On Tuesday March 18th my first visitor was "Mr.S"

This handsome , sexy black man came to me through xhamster website.

Let me tell me something extraodinary that happened with him , something that was a "first" for me.

After he arrived and was sitting on my sofa, with his trousers and pants off , his long , slim black dick was bouncing there in front of me.

i dropped to my knees and began with my tongue at the base of his balls. i gently licked and pleasured his balls for a few about 10 seconds before guiding my tongue up the shaft of his dick. i was bringing pleasure to his shaft and my aim was to arrive at the head of his cock , where i would take his cock in to my mouth . The thing is  , i did not get that far ! The guy spontaneously shot his load as i was still working my way up his shaft. This guy came in about 15 seconds flat !!! Gosh , this is the FASTEST that i have ever made a guy cum ! Amazing.

He took a short rest , to recover and then i began again. This time i made it to taking his juicy cock in my mouth. It was long and slim and i was able to deep throat it , as it was not too fat for my little throat.

i introduced him to rimming , he had never experienced it before.
My tongue brought waves of pleasure to his ass hole and he was soon pushing his hole down on to my tongue ( thats always a great response - it shows me that he is loving it and wants more)

Back to sucking him and deep throating and soon he was shooting his second load of the day. This time , it went down my throat though !

We did not take any pictures , as that first ejaculation after 15 seconds sort of made me loose track of grabbing the camera.
Next time , i hope :-)

My second visitor was "Mr.J.India"

This young 22yr old Indian boy is stikingly handsome. He is tall and thick set , he is what we call "a Bull". A Big , solid , chunky body, strong and powerful.

He has just arrived in the UK and i am his first UK tgirl.

i seem to have a majic wand today and after just 5 minutes of sucking him , he was soon pumping his cum down my throat.

After a 10 minute break , he was still recovering , but i asked if i could simply keep his dick in my mouth , whilst he came back to strength for round 2. i was kneeling on all fours, my mouth was filled with his soft cock and i just stayed there , in place , for 10 minutes, providing my warm , moist mouth as a place for his dark dick to idle.

After about 10 minutes his cock started to grow and i took it as my prompt to get to work on it again.
His thich , 8 inch cock filled my little mouth.

After a short while of sucking , he told me to get a condom. Soon , i was on all fours , ass in the air as he lubed me up and pushed past my anal sphincter. His thick dick completely filled my ass hole. He punded away at my ass and i could feel the full power and strength behind his sensational "bull" body.

Soon , he was shooting his second load , this time , up my ass hole.

What an ABSOLUTE delight and privilidge to be this mans sub slut. i eagerly look forward to his next visit.

Below is his dick as it is still "growing" ready to come up for "round two".

On Thursday 20th March my first visitor was "Mr G1".

This handsome black man came to me thru Twitter , of all places.

He had never met a tgirl before and he explained that he would not quite know how he felt until he was experiencing me.

Let me just say, his trepidation was completely out of sight as he begun to use me HARD like a cock whore who was just there to serve HIM. He was selfish and used his dick aggressively ( just my kind of man ). He face fucked me and made me gag. I spent hours on all fours pleasuring his dark dick and sustaining the onslaught of my mouth. At one point i was at right angles to him , with his dick down my throat , as he began to penetrate my washed-out ass with his fingers. First one , then two , then three. He wanted to get a better purchase , so he ordered me to face away from him with my ass in the air. He then made a concerted effort on my ass with his hands.
He was soon stretching me with three fingers , then four.
It was with DEEP regret that i had to stop him from going further and getting his fist inside me.
You see , the following day i knew i had a gang bang organised and i did not want my ass to be totally wrecked and of no use to the gang bang guys.

So , more face fucking ensued before he fucked me in the ass.
He cum with me licking his balls as he stroked and shot his creamy load in to my throat.

My second visitor was "Indian boy S".

He came to me through a well known tgirl dating site and has met many tgirls before.

He is dark skinned , Indian. Has a cute , boyish frame and handsome face.

He pushed me down to suck his dick and then he ordered me to get on top of him and ride his dick with my ass as he forced his fingers down my throat.

He told me to get off , as he stood up , i sucked him some more and he shot his load in my mouth :-)

On Friday 21st March , in my apartment, i held a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk gang bang party.
i hold these regular parties where Black African men can use and abuse the holes of submissive , compliant, greedy tgirls.

On this night we had TEN black bulls and SIX hot , sext tgirls in attendance.

The parties are "full on" - they don't last for hours on end as there is very little "social" aspect to them. Infact , they last a bout 2/3hrs. This is because that from the moment a Black man arrives , the tgirls are lined up for him to use their holes. 2 hrs of maintaining an erection and fucking multiple gurls is a big "ask" in anyones' book. Our Bulls have  the stamina though and so do our girls. Even if the gurls did not have the stamina they would simply be taken to my dungeon/playroom , strapped down and fucked against their will.

When you step in to my parties , if you are a tgirl , you KNOW in advance that you are not allowed to refuse a superior Black Bull . You are there to be taken and your holes are there simply to provide pleasure. Our Black Bulls take full advantage of this and many cum several times. I myself was spitroasted frequently and my holes were bursting with Black dick.

What a WONDERFUL way to end the week.  



    1. i am sorry , no pictures exist of myself and the other tgirl lined up before we all got fucked.
      Only Black men who are members of our party group get to see pictures of our sensational , sexy tgirls - before they use all of their holes at one of our DarkThrust Parties

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