4 Mar 2014

Week ending 22nd February 2014

On Wed 19th February i first served "Mr.Stallion".
i first met him in December 2010 and this is his first re-visit to me.

Black men KNOW that i am a sex slave to them and whether it is a week , a month, a year or even 2yrs or more , that i am ALWAYS here for them , to serve and pleasure them.

This tall , fit , handsome black man with muscles and tattoos and he came to me thru fabswingers , initially.

Today i sucked him and rimmed him and then he got down to what he REALLY wanted. He fucked my ass.
He likes to bend me over and gape me. He does not like me gripping his cock with my ass , instead he likes me to keep it loose and to "push" against his dick. This way , he can piston fuck me and make my hole looser and looser.
He loves to see my hole gaping from his efforts.

i LOVE it when he stretches and uses me in this way.
it is SUCH a pleasure to be his compliant whore. 

My second visitor was "Mr.H" from the North Of England.
This black man was in London on business for the day and he needed to unload after his hard day at the office.

He was tall, handsome and had a very aggressive/assertive nature.
From the moment he arrived he just saw me as an object to be used for his pleasure.

He aggressively throat fucked me and then i introduced him to rimming.
He was in ecstasy as i licked and lapped at his arse hole.
He had DELIBERATELY left it dirty and smelly after his long , working day. It stunk and tasted bad and he ordered me to get it clean ! Naturally , i complied.

He then fucked me HARD in the ass before he cum in my mouth.

i know that he had a great time before he dashed to catch his train but at least he now knows where to find his newly acquired whore , for when he next visits London. i look forward to that :-)

On Thursday February 20th my first visitor, "ricomatador",  stood me up.
This obviously immature young man who came to me thru the website "xhamster" made a definite date which he failed to attend. He then failed to contact me with a reason or an apology. 2 weeks later , i still have not heard from him.

My second and only proper visitor was "Big Daddy D".This big , black , daddy bull from N.London visits me often. He has one of the biggest cocks that i pleasure and MASSIVE balls.
It is always such a pleasure to serve him.
Shame the picture is not very good - i will ask him if we can get a better one next time.


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