20 Jan 2014

Week ending January 18th 2014

The life of a sex slave is never dull , as i served lots of dark cock this week.

On Thursday 16th January my first visitor  was "Boy P".
I have written about this  sexy boy on his previous visits.
He has the most delicious cock to suck and ass to rim.
He fucked my ass in all sorts of positions in the bedroom.
We did not take any pictures, so , here is one , reproduced from his last vist.

My second visitor i shall call "Boy G."
This young man ad seen a picture of me on the sweetwednesday website.
He arrived and took no time asserting his authority. He took pictures as he throat fucked me , before bending me over and fucking me hard in the ass.

On Friday January 17th my first visitor was "Black Daddy from N.London" who is now a frequent visitor.
You can read a past report about him here : http://bitch4black.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/last-weeks-adventures.html
Daddy has a big , thick cock and the biggest balls of any man i know. It is always a pleasure to please him.

My second visitor was the return of "Mr.M" , who you can read about here as "guy 2" :

What an absolute joy to pleasure him and his rampant dark dick again.

On Saturday 19th January i served just ONE man.
i have been serving "Mr.Muscle" for about 2yrs now. Apparently i was only the second tgirl that he had ever met.
In the 2 yrs that i have been serving him he has also attended our Dark Thrust sex parties , where i have been able to provide many other tgirls to serve him , alongside myself.

He is a tall , dark , handsome black man with a powerful , muscled and ripped body and one of the biggest cocks i have the pleasure of serving. It is a bout 9 inches long and VERY thick . It is as thick as a can of beer. It is so big it fills my mouth , strteches my jaw and then he "complains that my teeth are scraping him". i am not surprised ! His mega-meat fills my mouth to bursting , there is no room to warap my lips around my teeth to protect him !

He is a very private man , so i will not go in to much detail about how i serve him and how he has made me his prime , tgirl , slut slave.


  1. Greetings Tiffany,

    My you have been a busy gurrl! I wanted to compliment your recent activity and dedication to Black Gods. It seems lately that your lust to serve Black Men has been deepening and intensifying beyond it's already high level. Well done, bitch!

    Please continue to chronicle your progress and look for any and all ways, large and small, to become an even better fuck doll, servant, and slave to BLACK.

    All your fans and all of we Dominants are behind you and both support and demand that you continue and improve!

    Be well slut, and revel in your servitude.


  2. MR FROST - Thank You for your kind and considered words. i will strive to always be my best in my devotion and servitude to dark dick. Kisses, Tiffany xxx

  3. Hi Bitch,
    I agree and disagree with Mr Frost, I agree on the fact that you seem to be back walking the tart line, your activity seems to improve, but the intensity, the display are not there for a whore potential like you have. I regret for example that you fail to find a local black bull to film you slut activity anymore, no recent videos for almost years now. I think the level of debasement you wish to be as a public slut is not there yet, which is a shame with the situation you have now reached. There is no turning back. Your purpose is not only to serve dark Skinned bulls, but also to expose your true whorish nature publicly. Pictures are ok, but no single video to increase your fame and servitude is a failure to your vowel.

    We expect a bit more from you Tiffany, make yourself proud, expose your cunt hole being pounded and your cum swallowing mouth filled live.

    wish you realise what is expected of you

    no more training, get in front of the lens in motion, slut ! Good will cum to you a plenty, get moving.

  4. In response to the above, as i have said before, VISITS to me are about the men and what they desire. It is NOT about my wants.
    i always ask them if they will permit me to take pictures or video. Nearly all decline video - SOME agree to video but just want it to be shared with THEMSELF only ( i.e send a copy to them and dont share on the internet). Some agree to a pic of their cock in my mouth , some do not want one at all.
    So , content or lack of content is solely down to my visitors. i am just here to provide them with the service that they require. Any visit to me , by a dark man is NOT about me , it is not about my blog , it is ALL about them, about THEIR needs and desires.

    Perhaps a SHOUT at the DARK MEN who visit me to use me to "video the slut and share the results with us" might have a better result ???

    Thank You for your comment though - it is appreciated , as are all comments.