13 Jan 2014

Week ending January 11th - My permanent gaped hole

My servitude to dark cock began on Thursday January 9th.

My first visitor was a young Asian man who had never met a tgirl.
He wasted no time in getting the measure of me though as he brutally throat fucked me before bending me over to invade my ass with his dark dick.
He then withdrew , throat fucked me some more and then shot his load all over my face ( as you will see in the pictures)

He was probably only here about 15 minutes. Sometimes though , that's all it takes. If you need to bust a nut and you know of a slut who will do that for you, then , with me , you have come to right place. If it is 5 minutes , 15 minutes or an hour , it makes no difference to me , because your visit is always ALL ABOUT YOU and your needs.

My second visitor was an Arab lad from Kuwait. He shot his load all over me.

On Friday January the 10th my first visitor was a SENSATIONAL Black lad , whom i have met two or three times before. It was his first return visit to me in a year though !

"Mr B" is slim, fit and muscular. He has a sensational, rock hard cock and a nasty attitude.
Lots of sucking and fucking me in the ass in many positions led to him withdrawing and coming in my mouth.
We did not think it necessary to take pictures , as we have taken lots before and preferred to be "in the moment" at all times.

Below is his picture from a previous visit.

My second visitor "CH" is a handsome , beefy bull of a black man.
We connected on a site called Fabswingers at 1pm and after he had finished work , i was on my knees in front of him at 5.30pm !
Regrettably , his visit was always going to be a short one , as i was "squeezing him in" before my long standing date at 6.15pm.
He has a magnificent body and dick. He took no time at all in feeding it to me and then feeding me his ass hole to clean and chew on.
i showed him my "playroom" ( but we had no time to play in it) but he loved my collection of toys and he says next time he wants to stretch me with dildos and fist my ass.
We did not take any pictures , he did not want any taken.
Can't wait to see him again though :-)

My final visitor was big beefy Black man called "Mr.B" whom i have been serving for many years.
I have written about him before , so no need to again. 

On Saturday January 11th my first visitor was a slim , sexy young Black man whomi first served in October 2012. You can read about that visit by "Mr.T" on this page:


So , no need to write at length again of what we got up to.

My final visitor on Saturday and of the week was "BlackC".
I cannot believe that it was just 8 weeks ago when he made his first visit to me.
He had NEVER met a tgirl before, NEVER been rimmed and NEVER fucked ass.
He did all that just 8 weeks ago and i also invited him to one of our "DarkThrust" parties a couple of weeks ago , where he took pleasure in using me , alongside 5 other greedy tgirls.

"BlackC" is a mid 20's black lad with a gorgeous , always hard , 9 inch cock.
From just two visits i had already established in my head that he was an "ass man" and his main desire was to see the "gape" and having a slut not be able to resist his dick entering her ass.

So , he surprised me today when he arrived and told me that he had purchased a toy that he wanted to use on me.
i started his session by sucking him as ordered and rimming his ass . He has really gotten to love this.
He then took me to my playroom and laid me in my hanging sling.
He then took some lube and brought out his "toy". It was an "oxballs pig hole"

i had never seen anything like it. It was a butt plug , but it was hollow. It was VERY big too.
He lubed it up and forced it in to my ass. It filled me up. When i tried to clench my ass hole tight - IT WOULDN'T ! The hole was giving me a permanent gape and you could see right up in to my ass.
He said , "now you cannot resist. Your hole is now open for me until i decide to take the plug out. Your hole is mine to invade whenever i want and you can do nothing about it."
He took no time at all in grabbing a condom , lubing his dick and then ramming his 9 inches deep inside me.
He was so right , there was NOTHING that i could do to escape the invasion of his black meat. i had NO CHOICE but to just lay there and take whatever he gave me, as he vigorously fucked my hole , my hole that could not refuse.

Look at my predicament in the pictures below....

He stuffed me , gaped me , then he FUCKED me

After spending time fucking my gaped ass , he decided it needed to be stretched more. He took latex gloves , loaded his hands with lube and began to stretch and fist my ass hole. His constant stretching soon reached his goal , as he slipped his hand up my arse and fisted me. i was SO full and so stretched. i was now just his puppet , impaled on the end of his hand.

Throughout , he was excited and rock hard. He decided that he wanted to cum. He said though that he needed my ass to be as full as it was when his hand was inside me. So , he took my giant "Victor Dildo" and rammed it up my hole. The thing with this dildo is that it has a huge "lip". Once it goes in, it stays there. You can let go of it and have your "victim" walk around and it will NOT fall out. In essence , you stretch , fill and stuff your bitch and she cannot get it out. With this rammed up my ass , i was made to suck his cock until he shot his creamy , massive load down my throat.

Come back next Sunday for my next update.
Ever curious to know when or how many men i will be serving in any given week ?
You can keep up with that information on my diary, at :  www.bitch4blackdiary.co.uk


  1. Being used like a whore good work slut loving the new toy gaping open ready for dark cock like a bitch on heat. You just love it you cum hungry slut ;-)

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