29 Dec 2012

Bad week for serving


It has been a BAD week for serving cock this week , hence the lack of update to my blog.
SEVERAL men have "stood me up" (simply not turned up) or cancelled (gave notice).
Perhaps it is because it is a strange week , we are still in the Christmas/New Year season, maybe things crop up that would normally not ?
Still , there is NO EXCUSE for not turning up for a date and not contacting me either before or after the date. That is just downright rude and annoying. All it needs is to take 30 seconds out of your day to text that you can no longer make it.
Sadly SOME men find even this too much to do.

Tgirls , like myself , go to a LOT of time and effort to prepare to serve cock. Bathing and being spotlessly clean takes time. Then does getting made-up and dressing. Finally , there is the deep douche'ing (cleaning my ass out with an enema) incase a man decides he needs to use my ass as well as my mouth. This in itself takes a long time to make sure i am spotlessly clean. All of this preparation takes at least 1.5hrs.
Once that is done i prepare the apartment with drinks , ice , music and porn and then i sit and await the arrival of my guest.
Add to this that i have PROBABLY turned down invitations from friends to go for lunch or shopping etc.... i have told them "no , i can't , sorry , i have promised myself to a man to serve his cock".
The man i am waiting for has also probably taken a timeslot that 3 or 4 other guys were wanting and i turned them down too.
So , i sit and wait......... and, despite confirmation emails over the last few days, he DOES NOT TURN UP. No email , no phone call , no text... NOTHING ! So , not only has he let me down , he has also dis-serviced his fellow men , who could have and wanted to use me in the time slot that he took and did not turn up for .

Reader , how would YOU feel if you went through all of this ? TIMEWASTERS ARE THE WORST type of men.
Think about what i have written and don't become a timewaster yourself. After all , all it needs to cancel is an email or a text. It only takes a minute.

i have decided to close my diary for the rest of this festive week and will resume serving men from January 2nd onwards. Maybe men will have gone back to work by then and will be back in a normal routine ? Hopefully , this will eliminate the amount of timewasters.


  1. Scandalous, leaving such a fine whore panting with lust and desire to be used. These men should be ashamed of wasting such a an opportunity to plow this cumwhore.

  2. Sorry to hear that you lose your time for this kind of timewasters. They are not acting like real men.

  3. I think you should name avd shame these guys considering how you stopped meeting me as you said you wanted to meet new guys last year exposé these time wasters