20 Oct 2014

Week ending Oct 18th 2014

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After my absence of 3 months i returned to my servitude to cock this week.
i can tell you i have quite a backlog of men who are in need of my services, for which i am very honoured that they have chosen me to take care of some aspects of their needs.
Therefore , on my first week back i pleasured 12 horny men.

On Tueday 14th October i pleasured 4 men.

My first visitor i shall call "boy bull".

Some of you readers might recall me writing some time ago that a guy held the record of taking 3yrs to meet me in person. Well , "boy bull" is the new record holder.
He first approached me through a website , now closed , called Smutvibes in November 2007 with a view to meeting. So , it has taken him 8 YEARS to actually set the date !!!
Well , after requesting an updated picture he is clearly as sexy and appealing as he was when i first said yes.
He is a big built young man , not , fat but muscled. Oh . not ripped muscle but "thick-set" like a strong bull.
He had a lovely , thick , uncut cock too , which i devoured in my mouth before he fucked me in the ass with it :-)

 Imagine you are reading this blog and thinking "wow - i would really love to meet and use that slut" ?
Well , that is precisely what my second visitor today did.
This handsome , sexy Pakistani lad i shall call "Dark J"
He did not want any pictures taken , so , there are none below. What i can tell you is that it was a pleasure to suck on his delicious dark dick.
There is a lesson here, if YOU contact me - i could be pleasuring yours for you too :-)

My third visitor saw the return of "ikkle" .
It is 2yrs now since i first started pleasuring this handsome , assertive Black man. You can read a fuller report about him on this page:

Today , he arrived suited and booted , as usual and i actually answered the door to him and he was stood there with his big black cock sticking through his flies.
i immediately dropped to my knees and started sucking him , i did not need to be told.
He DID though tell me what to do throughout the time of the rest of his visit as he took charge , took control and made me suck him and get his delicious dick covered in throat slime and i was also made to tongue clean his arse hole.
After cumming he did not even look back as he left. He just left saying "bye whore".
It is ALWAYS an honour to serve him.

 My fourth visitor i shall call "guy Clapham".
He is another young black guy who had seen this blog and contacted me through it.
He brought me his delicious dark dick , which i sucked. He also took a seat on my rim seat as i licked and chewed his arse hole for him. It was all too much for him and he jumped up , pulled me out and shot his cum down my throat :-)

On Wednesday 0ctober 15th i pleasured 3 men.

My first visitor saw the welcome return of "boy bubble butt ".
i wont do a big write up about him here but , it is worth reading the write up i did of him when i last met him on April 9th. You can see it here :
Naturally ,it was another pleasure and honour to serve him again today.

My second visitor i shall call "boy Hendon".
This beefy boy has such a handsome face. He is Asian and has those well groomed , close cut beards that Asian boys have. He is so sexy looking.
He loved the way that i took care of his cock :-)

My third visitor i shall call "Mr.Alexandria".
This handsome , sexy Egyptian has been a stalker of mine on the website "xhamster".
Good for me that he has been as he was so sexy.
Due to him having little time i just set to work on sucking his delicious , thick cock and he shot within 10 minutes.
i can't wait for his next visit - lets hope he can stay longer and experience a lot more pleasure :-)

On Thursday October 16th i pleasured 2 men.

My first visit was the welcome return of  "Nubian 1".

i wont do a big write up , because he last visited me on April 2nd and you can read about him here:
As you can see , he has a M-A-S-S-I-V-E cock , which is attached to his massive "bull" body.
Lets just say he stretched my throat and my arse hole to the max.
Can't wait to serve him again , whenever he is in need :-)

My second visitor i shall call "Max Hardcore". Well , if you have ever seen any Max Hardcore porn movies on the .net - then this young black lad is vying for his title !
He came to me thru the website "adultfriendfinder". He said he had met 2 tgirls before but they "weren't much good" !
As soon as he arrived to possesed an air of assertiveness. This young man , more mature by years in his sexual prowess, already knew in his head how he was going to use me. He knew that he was going to use me hard , with no mercy and that is what he did.
i faced an onslaught of hard face fucking. My drool was flowing , my throat was gagging and i was almost throwing up. He was demanding and aggressive, he had seen in me the opportunity to use me like a slut and he certainly took full advantage.
My throat only had a chance to rest when he fucked me in the arse in dozens of different position. He gave my hole a thorough work out. This lad certainly likes a gurl to take what he gives with little mercy.

He is EXACTLY the type of guy i love to serve. i can't wait for his next visit :-)
Below is a picture of when he first arrive and the second is a still shot , taken from the movie we made.

He shot a video of me gagging on his cock and making me really messy. He has allowed me to share it with you !

On Saturday October 18th i held , in my apartment a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party for Black men and tgirls.
9 Black bulls took advantage of the holes provided by 5 sexy tgirls.
The guys got to use these greedy tgirls mouthes and arse holes.

i myself was locked in the stocks in my playroom. i was also manacled , so i could not move and then i was blind folded. My arse hole was then greased and my "captor" left the room.
i was then used , my mouth and my ass, by a succession of black bulls , whos' faces i never saw. i was just a sex object for them and they thoroughly took advantage of my helpless situation.
You see , if i meet a Black guy in person and he has a desire to use more than 1 tgirl at once , in a party situation , he also gets those opportunities with me. The tgirls are all hand picked and GORGEOUS and the Black guys have the time of their lives :-)



  1. Pleasant Greetings Tiffany, you amazing slut!

    So great to see our bitch4black back doing what comes naturally and fulfilling your purpose on this earth. Surrendering to BLACK is what you were meant to do and it comes through so vividly on your sites, in your writings, and through your pics and vids.

    Well done!

    I fully expect that we'll see an even deeper level of service, submission, and worship this season, bitch. Each year I wonder how you can exceed the last, but you do, and I don't think this year will be any different!

    Know that you are supported, and watched, and appreciated Tiffany. Let that drive you to be an ever greater "bitch 4 black".

    Mr Frost

  2. I hope you do more videos, that was a wicked blowjob!

  3. Great to see you back doing what you do best love the blowjob video reminds me of you on your knees worshiping my cock ;-) and leaving you covered in spunk

  4. I am new to your website and blog seeing that you advertise yourself as a paid for whore for white men is this because you are pimped out by a black master? Or just for your own benefit ? See as you are such a horny slut I am would imagine you could earn quite a bit for a black master if you where properly set up and pimped out to all commers

  5. Thank You so much for your comment above. The truthful answer is , i do whore myself to the occasional White guy. Mostly white guys who read my blog and are keen to meet me.
    i agree with YOU though , the situation would be MUCH better if a Black Master were to take control of me and become my pimp. None has come forward for this position yet though. i imagine you are right in saying that i would become a good earner for Him.
    Tiffany xxxx

    1. That does surprise me that no one has done that having there own whore to earn them money and to use as they please sounds ideal to me !!!
      But congratulations on your blog finding it very horny seeing what you get up to and looking forward to seeing more of your exploits. Lots of great photo's and videos I hope we can see more
      Bob xxx

  6. Replies
    1. No thank you. Your website and this blog have opened up new things to me I have never had experience with a tgirl or many of the other things you mention here and I am very intrigued and excited by them. I have been going through you photos and videos and you are stunning and your submission really excites me. So I will definitely be continuing to follow you.

      Bob xxx

  7. Gosh Bob , you surprised and pleased me so much with your last comment. i am SO pleased that my blog has enlightened and stimulated you. i do TRY to get the message out to all men that it is time to ditch the "needy" females , who want respect and equality. Who want to be woe'd, wined and dined , gifts bought for in order to return the "favour" to give over her moist holes for a man to get pleasure from. Men need to realise that these types are always in control. Men need to know that the alternative exists, where THEY are in control. That they have a place to visit where they can demand no strings pleasure , from a willing submissive and where they can truly be themselves and really let loose by demanding and attaining the simplest of sex OR fulfil their nastiest , sexual desires. Men can re-instate their rightful position of being "superiors" , gods to be worshipped and obeyed with me. Just like it used to be in the old days , when the men were in charge and the women were there to comply and be grateful.

    1. That is very true i would never even dream of trying to get a girl to do most of the things I have read and seen here !!! I am amazed by you and very turned on I see you meet groups of men what is the most you have had a one time ? Also has anyone made request of you that you have thought too extreme? I really am still a bit unsure how I feel about some of what I have read you have done and slightly surprised how horny it has gotten me. I have never dominated a woman but seeing you it does make me feel is my true nature and would enjoy using a willing slut like you

      Bob xxx

  8. Bob , the most men i have pleasured in one session is 22. i do not know if you have seen mentioned on this blog , but , i have a Black Dominant Male who likes to me out to the woods, to dogging dites and he MAKES me pleasure every single man who wants to use me - i am not allowed to refuse any. He has built a website around these qactivities at www.publicslut.co.uk - it is a free site.
    No-one has ever made requests of me that i have thought too extreme EXCEPT i am occasionally asked to bareback. Those men are SWIFTLY shown the door.
    If you have not dominated a sub before , then , it is just a matter of time before you do, since you have said that it appeals to you !!!
    All i would say is , when you do it, DONT "pretend" to be something you might not be. Don't go in hard and heavy saying " i am going to do this to you , i am going to do that to you etc..." Instead , take the approach by telling the sub that you are new to Domination and just want to try it to find out what excites you and what does not. Tell her you are a novice and get her to work with you on bringing out your "animal". Tiffany xxxx

    1. Thank you tiffany very intresting I will have to check the public slut website out too. You make some intresting points I have always found for example girls giving me a blowjob it's a quick suck and finished when I really want to be pushing my cock down there throat making them gag like I have seen in porn movies or like I have seen you on here. I guess will have to see where my new found intrest take me. Bob xxx