31 Jul 2014

July 15th 2014 - Dogging W. London

I continue with my "down" time during the Summer but i will let you know what happened on July 15th.

My Dogging Master ordered me to go to a dogging location on the night of 15th July.
It was deep in the woods , west of London.
He could not attend himself , so he had me meet up with my tgirl friend "Posh slut".
I arrived in a shocking pink mini dress and 4" heels with suspender belt and natural tan stocking.
Posh arrived in her satin party dress and nylons.

When we arrived TWENTY horny men , of all ages , skin colours and body sizes were already waiting. Dogging Master had "pimped" our outing on several internet web sites.
We had been instructed to pleasure EVERY man who had turned up to use our holes - we were to refuse none!

The 20 guys followed us as we walked deeper in to the woods.
We took our picnic blankets and layed them on the floor. Next to us we laid our sex bags , containing condoms and lube.
We had been told that our mouths and arses were to be used by ANY man who desired them.

20 guys gathered around us with their dicks in their hands. A further 10 guys were circled around too. They had seen this "crowd" of guys follow us and wanted to come and watch the show.

PoshSlut and i set to work on taking the first cock in our mouthes. From that moment , it was a bit of a frenzy. Cocks frequently cum in my mouth only to be replaced by another that needed devotion.

I could not even turn around to see who was raising my dress and exposing my ass, before i felt a hard cock enter my tight hole. I was frequently spit roastedd , a cock in my ass and in my mouth at the same time.

Spunk was flying freely for the next hour and a half and we were both thoroughly used.

Dogging is THE ONLY time that i pleasure white cock ( aside from the lovely white gentlemen who visit me in private and pay me for my time).

PoshSlut and I satisfied the needs of ALL 20 men that night.

My dogging Master has created a website of us both , with hundreds of pictures of our servitude to cock. We truly are SEX SLAVES TO COCK.

Even YOU can get to use me in the woods. Just join my Dogging Masters mailing list to be informed of when he takes me out.
Full details on the FREE website : www.publicslut.co.uk

Below is a picture of me exchanging cum with tgirl PoshSlut. It had just been freshly produced for me from the spurting cock of a stranger.

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  1. Mmmm nice I was unable to attend the meeting. I have still got the photos from when I used you as my whore and left you covered in my cum which gets my cock hard. I must contact you to use you again as I want to do more dirty stuff with you especially with your toys and maybe my fist �� xxx