6 Feb 2014

Week ending February 1st 2014

i did not pleasure ANY men on a one to one basis last week as i was decorating my home.

i DID mange though to HOST a   www.thedarkthrust.co.uk  
party though on Friday January 31st.

EIGHT of Londons' FINEST tgirls were brought in to pleasure TEN of Londons' finest Black Bulls.

Two rooms and my dungeon playroom were utilised in keeping the girls on their knees at all times.
Mouthes were ALWAYS available to give oral pleasure and TRAYS of condoms were left in strategic areas so a Black Bull only had to reach before puching one of the bitches over and entering her ass.
MANY of the girls were spit-roasted.

The scene that unfolded was hotter than any porn movie. The girls were just reduced to receptacles for Black dick. Many of the men came several times.  They moved from hole to hole , sampling the mouthes and tgirl Kunts that were laid out before them.

No girl was allowed to leave until every Black Bull had decided that he had taken his fill.

Our DarkThrust parties are , without a doubt , the BEST sex parties in London , which only a select few will ever get to sample.

Black men and tgirls can apply to attend , but , i warn you , the selection process is quite tough.
Just apply through the website.

I return to one-on-one servitude to Black men on Thu 6th Feb.
Watch for an update on the weekend on how my servitude progressed.


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