12 Aug 2013

DOGGING Tuesday Night - Aug 13th

As you know , i have been quiet of late - that is because i take time out in the Summer.
HOWEVER you can ALL FUCK ME - EVERYONE , Tomorrow night , Tuesday August 13th as Dogging Master Brix is taking me to a wooded , N.London location at 1040pm. i will not leave until every man has been satisfied and Master Brix is attaching a "bum bag" full of condoms to my back.

He has pimped me all over the internet so we are expecting a few guys to use my holes (mouth and ass).

If you would like to come - leave a comment on this post (leave your email address, only i will see it , it wont get published) and i will send you full details.
Please dont contact me about this though if you dont live within the London/M25 area , as you live too far away.

i will probably return here in 48hrs time to write a report on the dogging trip.


  1. Greetings Tiffany,

    I hope you're enjoying the summer weather and activities, you lovely bitch.

    Wonderful pics from the most recent dogging session. CONGRATS on the new record! 14 in one night is a number to be proud of. Though I'm sure Master Brix, Dominant Black God that he is, has his eyes already set on 15, and someday 20!

    My best regards for the rest of the summer, you lovely black cock bitch, and I look forward to your adventures continuing for years and years to come. As well as your submission, look, and devotion continuing to develop, evolve, and deepen.

    You've found your absolute best place in the world. How absolutely splendid.

    Mr Frost

    1. Mr.Frost - Thank You once again for a delightful message. Regards, Tiffany xxx