8 Nov 2014

Week ending November 8th 2014

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On Wed 5th November i pleasured two men.

My first visitor saw the return of "Master Romania".

He is one of the VERY , VERY rare white men whom i serve.
DO NOT make the mistake of thinking " he is a lucky white guy" because the hounour is all mine , that he has deemed that i am worthy of serving him.
i wrote about him just 2 weeks ago , when he first visted me.
You can read a report about his visit here, at the very bottom of the page :

He is a handsome man with a powerful , strong , defined , muscled body. He is powerful and imposing. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it.
He sees me as his slave and i see him as my Master. It is uncomplicated , it is very simple
"... He says, i do"

He was gracious enough to tell me that his visit to me would be very short. He was simply in the area and needed to unload.
He arrived in a suit and he looked smart and  handsome. You would never know just by looking at him that he was an experienced, imaginative, controlling Master who likes to see fems as meat - who are there to serve.
He had ordered me to be in full latex, with a latex hood. He had read my blog from last week when i was dressed like this for another man and he liked what he saw.
He came in, face fucked me , shot hi load, then he left. It was short and simple. He needed to use his property  and he did. That's all that needs to be said really.

My second visitor was "Black Daddy Bull R."
It was his second visit within a week , so , i will not write about him here. You can read about this MASSIVE big black bull Daddy , on Friday October 31st , here :

On Thursday 6th November i pleasured three men.

My first visitor i shall call "Guy N".

This man had seen me on Twitter and decided that he wanted a piece.
He is of average height , with a slim , toned, tight body - more the body of a boy still, than a man. 
He had an assertive attitude and had , in email , ordered me to kiss him deeply as soon as i answered the door to him. i was then to drop to my knees and tease his cock to life.
i did as he asked and then we went to my bedroom where i proceeded , upon his orders to suck him. Soon , he was presenting his fucky arse hole to me and told me to "lick it clean". He frequently barked orders and my head was in a spin moving from sucking , to ball licking , to rimming , back and forth , back and forth. 
His cock ( about 7inches) was rock hard when he bent me over and fucked me in the ass. 
i am afraid i was a failure as his cock was SO rigid , it was like a stick prodding at the delicate tissues of my ass. i am afraid i had to ask him to withdraw.   
i sucked him some more and rimmed his delicious little bubble butt some more , then he decided that he wanted to stand , wank and shoot all over my face. Regrettable , he shot in my eye , so , in the picture taken with my visitor AFTER him , you will see the efect in my burning , red, eye. 
Here he is below...

My second visitor i shall call "Indian pole"

I have been on the agenda of this light skinned Indian man for quite some time. He contacted me through a website called PlanetRomeo.

He has a lovely , dark , thick cock which i sucked as he took pains to try not to cum too quickly ! 
He thought he might slow his bust down by fucking me , but , he was so enjoying my ass that he soon shot his load :-) That's a compliment to me i guess ! 

My third visitor , i shall call "boy T".
He is probably about 22yrs of age and has a slim , tight, toned , boyish body.
He wanted me to suck him with a condom , which i was happy to oblige him with , as i reached for my fruit flavoured condoms. His time with me was short , as he was "on call" with his work, so , he shot his load as he fucked me in the ass. !!!

On Friday November 7th i pleasured two men. 

The first saw the return of "Mr.Sleaze"

This handsome , masculine, sexy black man has visited me so many times that he even has his own "tag" on this blog ! 
When he is in need , he always thinks of me as he knows he has a compliant , submissive slut who is just there to do as he asks. 
His visit was short - he just needed to unload.
i dropped to my knees as soon as he arrived. i took his meaty , dark cock in my mouth as i brought it to life. He then led me by my collar and lead , as i crawled in to the living room. i sucked his cock some more and then he bent over for me to use my tongue to clean his funky arse hole.
Some more sucking and then he decided to shoot his load in my throat.
He left me there , still on my knees in the living room , as he went to the bathroom to clean himself up and dress.
He did not turn around , he did not say goodbye - i simply heard the door slam behind him as he left.
He had visited his slut - used her - cleaned up and left - simple :-)
He did not take any pictures of me today. Here is one taken on a previous visit.

My second visitor was also another regular of mine.

"Mr.Dragon" is a handsome , assertive Black Bull with a delicious dark cock that is permanently hard.
i had been ordered to be dressed in my hijab and niqab. This is the traditional black dress and head wear that Muslim women wear. All that was visible was my eyes.

He ordered me to my knees , exposed his cock , lifted my veil and put me to work. 
He face fucked me hard and called me a filthy slut.

He took me to the bedroom and face fucked me more as he lifted my hijab above my waist and fingered my arse hole. 
Knowing he needed a better position , he took me to my playroom and laid me on my back , in the sling.
He took rubber gloves , lubed his hands and wrists with Crisco lube and proceeded to loosen my hole with his fingers.
He put more pressure on as he pushed his hand , slowly , deeper and deeper in to my hole until his whole hand was up my arse. He then fist fucked me as i reached around to wank his cock.
After a while , he reached over to my toy shelf and grabbed a dildo.
This dildo is actually in the shape of two molded cocks. They are cocks , side by side, with a latex cock sing holding them together. He then slid the whole thing over his cock and so he now , effectively , had three cock.
He placed himself at the entrance to my hole and then he thrust to the hilt. Soon , may ass was filled with the equivalent of THREE cocks , inside me at the same time. 
After a while , he pulled out and removed the dildo and then he fucked me to the hilt , HARD.
He grabbed the ropes of the sling and used them to keep me close to him as he gave me the deepest , hardest fuck up my arse in a long time. i thought that my insides would explode  , being filled by so much cock !

We returned to the living room , where he put me on my knees and made me suck him more. He eventually bust his not by coming down my throat.

This nasty , assertive , Dominant , kinky Black Bull is always a pleasure to serve. 

He did not take any pictures of me today.
Here is one he took on a previous visit.



  1. Tiffany you are such a cock slut and very special you are such a sub piece of meat I am surprised you have not be made to be a bitch for a dog a big horny rottweiler wanting to fuck a bitch dog like you

  2. Sir, i have been unable to find a man who wishes to bring his dog around, any breed.
    i am always open to the needs and desires of any man though.

  3. Shame it is great you are open to the needs of any man and you have shown in this blog the lengths you will go to please but is always good to see a slut like you pushed to new levels of depravity to show you true place as a submissive piece of meat to be use.