2 Nov 2014

Week ending November 1st 2014

This blog is updated every Sunday.

On Tuesday 28th October i pleasured only one man. One other cancelled with notice (thank you)  ,one other stood me up ( naturally , the one who stood me up will NEVER be meeting me in future ! )

The first guy i shall call "The Hairy Arab".
He is a light skinned guy BUT what made me hungry for him was that he was SO HAIRY in his pictures. Hairy everywhere, chest , legs, arms, wrists, back and ass. i have told you before , i also have a thing for VERY hairy men ( as much as black men). If they were as hairy as a gorilla , i would be in ecstacy !!! i think it must be  childhood programming because i can distinctly wishing that , at the age of 10 , my super hairy father would kick my mum out of bed and fuck me instead !

The Hairy Arab had ordered me to open the door to him wearing my collar and to hand him the lead. He dragged me to my living room , pushed me to my knees , pulled out his cock and immediately started throat fucking me.
He then stripped of , throat fucked me a little more and then grabbed a condom. He pushed me on to all fours and then fucked me in the ass.
He fucked me hard , in lots of positions and then pulled out.
He pushed my head to the floor and told me to lick his feet and work my way up to his arse.
My tongue caressed his hairy legs , which laid a trail to his even hairier ass hole. My tongue lapped at his hole , bringing waves of pleasure to him .
It turned him on so much that he grabbed another condom and he fucked me in the ass again.
i could tell that he did not want to cum in my ass though and i was right , as he pulled out , remover the condom and told me to get down and suck him.
i sucked him hard for about 5 minutes and he shot his Arab cum in my mouth.

He dressed , he left - he used me like a whore.

On Wednesday i had other commitments , so , i did not take any visitors and then on Thursday October 30th i pleasured three men.

 My first visitor i shall call "Mr. Surrey D".
i opened the door to a handsome young black man. As he walked ahead of me i could tell he had a tight , sexy body , even with his clothes on.
When he stripped he had such a sexy , toned body and the most amazing bubble butt.
i just wanted to eat him straight away ! And thats what i did.
We had a full 2 hour session of "girlfriend experience" , where we were all over each other.
Since i do not have any pictures of our meeting ( he did not want any taken) i will just keep this short. Lets just say i sucked him , rimmed him and he fucked me. We did this over and over again.
We made a real connection , he was in to me as much as i was in to him.
i cant wait to see him again - he is VERY special :-)

My second visitor was "Mr.Hairy Indian".
i first met this hairy , indian guy in 2012 and have probably met him about 6 times since. He likes to pop in after work. He arrives dressed in his suit. He has a handsome face and , as his name suggests, a tremendously hairy body.
i love sucking his dark dick and then getting my tongue stuck in to his hairy ass hole , to give him the rimming he loves.

"Mr. Horny" was my third visitor. My original last visitor of the day had cancelled at short notice. I went on to fabswingers, to check my messages , when this lighter skinned hairy guy messaged me. He was horny and said he needed serving , right now. Within an hour i was opening the door to him at my apartment.
What had attracted me to him was his hairy chest. It was THICK with a mass of black hair. It was so ddep that my fingers gor lost in it as my head was bobbing up and down sucking on his dark dick.
He was SO excited that he shot his load within 2 or 3 minutes of me even touching him !
Anyway , after a bit of recovery time , i was soon sucking him again , then rimming him and then he took me on all fours and fucked me in the ass.


On Friday October 31st i pleasured two men.

My first visitor was "Black Bull Daddy R ".
i have met this beefcake of a man on several occasions now and he also comes to our "DarkThrust" orgies for greedy tgirls and Black superiors.

When you think of the term "black bull" then this man embodies it fully.

He is about 5ft 11ins tall, i guess in his 30's or 40's and, what i would say, looked like a "daddy".
He has distinguished look and he is MASSIVE in body.

Now , there are big men who are simply fat and there are men who are as big as the fat men , but , their are mostly solid and muscular.

This man was solid. His neck alone was as thick as my thighs - he is massive ! (In the best possible way) His neck was so big , he had "folds" in the back of it. I find that VERY sexy.
His thighs must have been as thick as my waist !

He was so , so , so sexy and appealing. There is always something about the power of a man mountain, like him , against a wee slip of a girl, like me, that appeals so much , physically and mentally.
I felt that power when he grabbed both of my hands in just one of his and held them tightly as he instructed me to suck him, using my mouth only and not to touch him with my hands.

He particularly enjoyed my rimming seat as he lowered his massive , solid ass on to my face and mouth. My tongue pleasured his big , manly arse hole and he only released me from my predicament to cum all over my face.

i took him to the bedroom and he fucked me in the arse.
He wanted to cum in my mouth , so , he pulled out and finished off by shooting his load in my mouth.

Regrettably there are no pictures to post of me serving him , as he did not want any taken.
Below is a picture though , it is NOT of the man i pleasured today, BUT it is a representation of the type of Bull that he is :-)

My second visitor , i shall call "boy K".
This young, lighter skinned , mixed race boy.
As i was sucking his long , slim cock , he was fingering my hole.
He said he wanted to fist me , so , i grabbed a latex glove, slathered it in lube and he proceeded to insert his fingers up my arse.
He was slowly stretching me with his fingers , as i grabbed behind me to wank his cock. Gently but detirmined , he gradually worked all of his fingers  , then his thumb and then his palm. Soon his entire hand was up my hole , up to the wrist. He loved slowly withdrawing , then inserting again. He stretched and gaped me and then , with a piston stroke , he fisted my arse.
He was so amazed and excited that he took a condom and he fucked me in all sorts of positions. His fist had made my hole so loose and sloppy that he piston fucked me in all sorts of positions. My arse just sucked his dick in , then he would withdraw to enjoy the giant , gaping hole in front of him ;-)



  1. Good to see you back after summer break. I've missed reading about your exciting adventures!

  2. I love your blog! Saw you over on Eroprofile and stopped by. The picture of the black guy you are using in this post is something! I have seen other pics of him with his fire-hose thick cock! I really enjoy descriptions of black dicks and enjoy the descriptions of the pillow talk. Here in America, there is a subset of black men that love being called NIGGER when they are fucking, and it is spectacular to see them go into overdrive with phrases like, "fuck me like a nigger", "fuck me with your big nigger dick". Curious what the equivalent English power word would be. Your meticulous attention to detail and your dedication to service is awe inspiring! As Graham Norton would say, "Well Done You!"

  3. Yes , that picture i am using , off the internet , to represent a comparison of one of the guys i pleasured is HOT. i have several pics of him and he is a dream of a man for me. Saying that , the guy i pleasure , who is strikingly similar is JUST as hot and hung :-)
    As for the "N" word, some Black people take great offence to use of the "N" word. Just as some gay people take great offence to being called "queer" or trans gurls being called a "tranny". Others , however choose to OWN the word and turn it on its' head and embrace it as a mark of pride.
    i would NEVER called any Black person a "N". The only time i use it is when i am ASKED to , which has ALWAYS been in situations that you describe i.e when they are fucking me and they want me to talk nasty to them. i always WAIT until a guy ASKS me to call him a "N"
    Thanks for enjoying my blog and for your comment.