10 Jul 2017

A fantasy story of mine...... kept as a sex slave

Hope you are all having a lovely summer
i thought i'd share with you today a fantasy story of mine
Enjoy it

I had connected with Master X on a BDSM Fetish contact site.

He was the owner of a fetish store and he said that he had been on the BDSM for several years.
He had carefully studied my own profile and had seen that I had an immense interest in being used like a slut, being covered head to toe in latex – to look like a human doll - and a desire to be kept in inescapable bondage.

He told me he had the same interests but, with his role as a Mater/Keeper, naturally.

He sent me his picture in which he was dressed head to toe in latex and was wearing a latex hood.
He had the body of just an average guy but he looked amazing in his latex suit.
Before I agreed to visit him for a play session, i insisted that he sent me his face picture – after all , I needed to be attracted to him and also to see that he did not look like some kind of maniac.
He returned his face picture and he was a very distinguished and handsome man. Probably in his mid 40’s, just like I like them a “Daddy” type.

I arrived at his home in the morning, where he told me that he had his own playroom/dungeon.
He opened the door and he was dressed, just like in his picture, in head to toe latex. All I could see were his dark eyes and his lips/ mouth.

He invited me in and told me “ Tiffany , we are going to take it slow at first , after all , I want you to like me and build trust in me”. “Let me show you my play room first. His playroom was filled with all sorts of kinky, fetish , BDSM implements but the centrepiece was a huge cage. It must have been 12 feet square. Inside was a bed. “This is where my slaves sleep overnight” , he told me.

He opened the door to the cage and secured it open with a padlock which attached it to a side wall.
“Tiffany , go inside and “test” the strength of the steel bars and where each wall of the cage meets. I want you to do your best to find if there is a flaw , a weak point or any way of getting out. I have deliberately locked the door open, as I want you to feel safe”

With the cage door open , I was happy to venture inside and spend time testing the security of the cage. It was indeed strong and it was obvious that, once inside, there was no way to escape it.
“Now Tiffany , I am going to lock the door of the cage , but you stay outside of it. When the heavy steel door is locked , I want you to test that too , to see if it can be opened or forced in any way”.
I did that and the door was indeed fully secure. I realised that once that door was locked and somebody was inside , there was no way that they could escape.

“Any way”, he said “that is all for when you have got to know me better , for when you have built trust in me and you can experiment with your total captivity fantasies and we can set a time limit if you like , maybe just an hour or two to start , leading to overnight. We will build it up at your pace.”

“Now , let us return to my drawing room and talk some more about your needs and MY needs.
In the drawing room, he fixed me a glass of wine and we began to talk.
I sipped on the wine as we went over our email correspondence in a prelude to what I believed would be “play” time.

After a few minutes, I began to feel a bit strange, it was if I was in the room but not quite in it , if you get what I mean. My head was getting cloudy and I felt very strange, infact , I felt like I was going to pass out.

My body was rigid when I started to come around. I could not work out what was going on. It took me a few minutes to work out the memories of what had led up to this moment. I could recall being in the drawing room and feeling rather strange. After that, I could not remember anything. I was confused and anxious. I could not work out why my body was rigid. I could not move my arms or legs and I felt that there was something solid , pressing against my skin , all over my body. When I tried to move my head , that too was rigid and it felt like there was some sort of plastic or resin pressing against my face. My ass was feeling full too , whenever I gripped on my ass sphincter I felt like there was something inside me.  All I knew was that I was lying flat on my back and all I could see was a dim light in the ceiling.

“ Ahh Tiffany , I see you are coming back” said Master X. “Tiffany , I have to inform you that I slipped something in to your wine. It caused you to pass out and you have been unconscious for 2 hours now. Let me explain more by just showing you what has happened to you.”
The next thing I know is that I could hear the sound of a small motor , starting up. I could feel my body being raised in to a standing position. I was still rigid as I was lifted.
As I was lifted fully vertically my eyes focussed on a full length mirror that was directly in front of me.

In the mirror I saw my reflection. However , I did not see myself. What I saw was a shop front mannequin, of the hard plastic variety. The mannequin was female , with large breasts and a seductive figure. The mannequin had eye holes and I suddenly realised , as those eyes moved that they were MY eyes. I came to the realisation that I was trapped INSIDE this mannequin.  

Master X spoke “Tiffany , you are encased in this mannequin. I have built it exactly to your dimensions but I have super enhanced the breasts and hips. I have also built it so that the limb joints can move and I can place you in to several , convenient positions. Each joint though has a mechanism that I can click in to place , which will make you totally rigid. This is how you are now , totally rigid , unable to move and totally trapped , fully encased and I can tell you now that there is no escape... I have total control over you. “

“I imagine you are wondering what that fullness in your ass is ?. Well , I have inserted a rigid , hollow butt plug up your anus. This means that your ass is permanently gaped and open. Attached to the butt plug is a hose , the hose is used to catch and drain away any waste products that you evacuate. Also , in your genitals I have inserted a catheter. It goes right inside you , in to your bladder. The long catheter tube runs down your leg and exits the mannequin near your foot. Attached to the end of the tube is a collection bag. You see Tiffany , you no longer have control over your toilet functions. Quite simply all body fluids and waste products now run , hygienically , in to collection points , outside of the mannequin. After all , we have to keep you clean inside there , don’t we ?”
My mind was racing, trying to process all of this information , trying to process what had happened to me.

“You see Tiffany , I have been searching for a human doll for many years and when I came across your profile , I knew that I had found the one. I have been carefully planning your , let us call it your abduction and captivity , for quite some time now. You need to know and realise Tiffany , that there is NO escape, this is how you will exist from now on and I have many plans for you”.
“I have another surprise for you Tiffany”

Master X turned his back to me and began to remove his latex mask. When it was completely off , he turned to face me. I was horrified to see that it was not the face of the man sent to me in the pictures. It was the face of a man who must have been in his 60’s. He had boils on his face and liver spots and was , to put it bluntly, quite ugly and repulsive. 

“I have no fears showing you my face Tiffany , as you will never be able to reveal to anyone who I am. The fact is , you have no escape , you will spend the rest of your life, and of my life, as my captive human doll. There is no way that you will ever have contact with anyone who is not an insider on your predicament , in order to revel my true identity.”

The realisation of the magnitude of this situation was kicking in. I was angry with myself that it was myself who had actually asked for it , in my fantasies , to become a human doll.

“Let me tell you how you are going to spend your days Tiffany”
“Firstly , you are to become a mannequin in the window of my fetish store. You will be dressed daily in the kinkiest of outfits that I have for sale in my shop and you will be displayed , on full view, to the public and shoppers who pass by every day. That mouth piece in your mannequin head is interchangeable. The mouthpiece can be left off , so that there is full access to your lips OR an attachment of a mouth gag can be clipped on instead.

When you are the mannequin in my shop window , you will be gagged. No one can hear you through the thick glass of the display window , but , with your mouth gagged , it is just an extra precaution.
The eye parts on your mannequin head are also interchangeable. At the moment , your eye parts are open. You are able to see a limited amount of the world around you and fully comprehend what is going on. When you are in the shop window , on display , the eye parts will have plastic mannequin eyes clipped in to place. They will be semi opaque , you will be able to see out but no-one will be able to see your eyes behind the attachment. You will witness the public staring at you and admiring you in your saucy outfits.

You will witness all of the dirty old men who pause for just a bit too long as they gaze upon you , you will know that they would want to fuck any woman who was dressed like that. Nobody will know that you are actually trapped inside there. The joints in your mannequin body are , as I said before , able to be contorted in to many different positions. Some days I will just have you stood upright in the window, some days , when you are wearing the sleaziest and most provocative of garments , I will pose you in far more erotic and inviting positions. Every day you will look like a slut and turn men on who pass by the shop window.

Although I said that the general public will not be aware that you are a living doll , trapped inside that mannequin body in my shop window, I need to tell you that I have a mailing list of hundreds of kinky men who know ALL about your plight and have been sworn to secrecy. Infact ,they are aware of you right now as I have been broadcasting your dilemma on the internet to them , they have watched your transformation process every step of the way so far. 

Naturally , they ALL want to meet you Tiffany. They have seen what you look like , in human form and are very turned on by your loveliness. They are now even more turned on though , to see you now as this human doll.

At the end of your “working day” you are to be removed from the shop window. You will be taken to my dungeon playroom and your butt plug, waste collector will be removed. You will then be given a thorough enema, so that your pussy ass is completely clean. Your mouth gag will be removed and it will be replaced by a ring gag , which will keep your mouth open at all times and your teeth will not be able to get in the way. Who knows, at a future date, maybe I will even have all of your teeth removed. 

You will be placed in an “on all fours” position and locked rigid in to place.  
Out of these hundreds of men who subscribe to my internet broadcasts of you , perhaps 20 or 30 per evening will visit the playroom. They are ALL going to want to thoroughly use your mouth and fuck your ass hard. You are to drink EVERY drop of cum that these men produce when they explode when you are sucking them, after all , you need every bit of nutrition that you can get hold of , don’t you Tiffany ???

If they explode up your ass in a condom , then they will remove the cum filled condom and pour the contents down your throat. You ass and mouth are to be used to give unlimited pleasure to ANY man who desires it. You will drink copious amounts of cum , daily , for the rest of your life.

The last man in line will also be able to fist your ass and you will not be able to stop him. He will make you loose and sloppy and your ass lips will throb and pout. Don’t worry , they will recover overnight , but , you will always sleep with a throbbing hole, to remind you of your place.

At the end of the evening, I have another slave who will prepare and bring you a meal and fluids to consume. After all , you need proper nutrition as I am expecting you to survive as a captive , human, sex doll for many , many years. I will make A LOT of money off these men , using you as a human sex doll whore. The webcam broadcasts of your use and abuse will also generate income for me.
At the very end of the day , your butt plug waste disposer will be locked back in to place. You will be placed in the inescapable cage in my playroom and laid  on the bed , for you to be able to get a full 8hrs sleep.

Upon waking , you will be supplied with breakfast and fluids and you will be taken back to the shop window, to be placed in a new fetish outfit and your mouth gag and eye pieces re-attached. Your urine and faeces will drain away as you spend another day as shop window doll.

Depending on your “earning potential” , one day I plan to have you shipped to a private surgeon that I know. You will be given huge DD Breast Implants. The breast section of your mannequin doll prison will be cut to allow your big tits to be exposed. Your ass and huge tits will be the only flesh visible to man , from then on. I mean , men love to grab on to tits as they are riding mouth or ass ! 

So Tiffany , it looks like you have gotten what you asked for . I believe you said “…. an immense interest in being used like a slut, being covered head to toe to look like a human doll and a desire to be kept in inescapable bondage”. Your dream has come true !

Now wipe your tears away girl , your new life , your new existence as a human sex doll in inescapable bondage begins right now. Let me just fetch clothing and the trolley in order to move you to the shop window. And by the way , there are already 40 men booked in to use your mouth and ass this evening. Enjoy the rest of your existence as a captive sex doll Tiffany

5 Jul 2017

July 5th 2017 - update

Hello folks , are any of you still here ?

As you know , my blog has been off line for a few months as I continued to censor myself , due to my being involved in helping a gay Nigerian man in his immigration case.

His case is not making any progress at present and is unlikely to for a few more months.
So , today , i have decided to restore my blog , for the time being.
It will go off line again , in a few months time , for a short period of time, once again.

I hope you are all well and will enjoy reading or re-visiting my previous blog posts all about my devotion as a sex slave to Black and dark skinned men and their dark cocks.


25 Mar 2017

This blog is down from March 2017 but will return

Dearest readers of my blog.

I know that many of you have been following my blog for many years.

Today , i have taken the decision to take my blog down for an unknown period of time .

I PROMISE you that it will return though.

The reason is this .....

As you know , i pleasure many , many Black men and i bring joy to their lives.
i do it freely , without any strings. 

As you know , my blog conatins ( contained) detailed descriptions and pictures of my sexual servitude to Black and dark skinned men.

Because of these "details" it means that i have records of my servitude to black men going back several years.

So , in 2015 i was contacted by an advice centre worker on behalf of a Black man who had been detained by the police for being an illegal immigrant from Nigeria !

This man was claiming asylum here in the UK under the grounds that he is gay/bisexual.

Unfortunately , since he is Black , Nigerian , gay and very private he was (is) unable to find many of his past sexual partners to vouch for him.

I AM THE ONLY person who has emails , texts and descriptions of our meetings , exchanged between us , who can produce these in court , to proove that he is gay/bisexual.

And so , for the past 2 years this man has been living in an Immigrant Hostel in the North of England , living in a multiple occupancy household with homophobic African and Arab men. They are making his life hell as many of them are fundamentalists and quite frankly would put him to death , if they could get away with it .

Naturally , if this Black man was sent back to Nigeria , he could easilly face life in prison or the genuine possibility of "disappearing" and being put to death.

I see it as my duty and responsibility to help this man , in any way that I can .

Even though i only met this man on about 4 or 5 occasions over a very brief period ( in 2009)  , i have been supporting him emotionally for the past 2yrs .  I have also been holding fundraising parties on his behalf and so have been able to send him a little money every month.

The situation now is this - his case is in court , but , it is a very hard battle and , so far , the British Justice system has not given him the human rights that he is entitled to.

This situation is likely to go on for AT LEAST another 6 months and so , during this time , i have decided to take down my blog.

i dont particularly feel comfortable with the British Home Office taking interest in my lifestyle ( which they certainly have so far , as i have appeared in Court with my real identity , real passport , real address etc.. etc... )

So , for the time being , i am removing my blog content.

Let us hope that , later this year , that this man IS granted asylum here in the UK and i can restore my blog.

For those of you who know me personally and would like to help this man out , with a donation of money , then do please contact me directly. Even just £5 or £10 will help a lot.


5 Mar 2017

An update in March 2017

Hello folks
It has been a while since i did a message to you all.

Firstly , if it is your first time here and you are thinking , is this blog worth looking at as it appears that she only posts once or twice a year , then , YES , IT IS worth you going through my blog , as it contains weekly accounts of my servitude to Dark Skinned men over the period of years.  I just stopped updating a while ago , as it was taking up too much of my time , however , there is still a mass of content to see on here :-)

My friends , firstly i must let you know that ALL of the videos on my blog have been deleted , for the forseeable future.
This is just a temporary measure , whilst i deal with a personal issue , which i cant tell you much about at the moment , but , when it is resolved i WILL tell you all about it and you will be amazed.

As for me , i am still serving beatiful dark skinned men and providing pleasure to them , free of charge.
My DarkThrust sex parties are still the hottest free ticket in London , when myself and another 8 or 9 tgirls and 12 or more Black Bulls come together for the hottest parties in town.

So i hope that you are all well and as perverted as ever.



1 Dec 2016

December 1st - an early Christmas Present - a new video for you

Last week i mentioned that i was being used by Mr. Latex (Master King) a Domiant Black Master who was training me in all sorts of debauchery.

As a treat to all of you , here is a BRAND NEW video of him using me.

i was dressed head to toe in latex. My ponytail was thread through a hole in the top of my latex hood.
Master King used my ponytail as a grip to manouvre my head on his BBC.

He was soon choking me on his dick , producing copious ammounts of drool after lots of gagging.
This video will appeal to me if you believe that sub bitches like me need to be used rough.

The video appears below , hope you can all see it . If you cannot see it , you can also find it at :
Tiffany on xhamster

Best wishes,

23 Nov 2016

November 23rd Update

Hello all , i realise you havent had an update for ages ... so , here goes.

I have been travelling to Egypt , Jordan and Oman.

I like Arab men almost as much as i like Black men !!!
What i like about them is that they are very selfish when it comes to the way they treat "women". It suits me perfectly. They just want to use me like a piece of meat and have no care if i am getting any pleasure or not ! Fabulous.
Naturally , i like the darker skinned ones. When they are dressed in their dishdasha ( long , white robe) and they lift it up to reveal their hard Arab cocks i go crazy :-) Gosh , i cant get enough of Arab cock - i'd love to be in a room full of Arab men who put me on all fours and get to work !

On my holiday , MANY a taxi driver would take a diversion on our route and i found myself with my head in his lap , sucking on his dick as we drove around the streets ! So naughty.

Otherwise , i have been pleasuring Black cock at home , as is normal in the Winter time.
i have made lots of new connections through a site that i have barely used before , Craiglist.
Gosh , dozens of horny men are flocking for my totally free service through there. 
What a lucky girl i am to be able to bring so many men , so much pleasure.

This Friday , 25th , i am also organising one of my regular  www.thedarkthrust.co.uk  parties.

Then horny Black Bulls will be supplied with 7 greedy tgirls and the men can do what they like with them !

Finally , i have re-kindled serving an established visitor. Mr. Latex is a Black Bull Master who has the filthiest of needs and desires.
After I have pleasured his cock thoroughly he has taken to forcefull training me as a "human toilet".
His visits to me get VERY wet and messy , if you get my drift.
He leaves only when my belly is full of his cum , piss and ****
He is a FILTHY , nasty man and i LOVE this new direction in my servitude to kinky men.

Hope you are all well,

29 Sep 2016

i am BACK serving Dark Cock - Winter 2016/7

After my Summer Break , i am NOW back serving Dark Cock - no strings - in the comfort of my private apartment in S.Central London.

I pleasure Black , Mixed race, Dark Arab , Indian, Pakistani, Nubian etc... men who are aged 18 - 49 and are not overweight, all for free , no strings.

i am occasioanlly asked by Caucasian men to serve them and i can do this for an escort fee.

I kick off my servitude to dark dick by hosting a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party this Friday night , September 30th , when 10 Black African Bulls will take pleasure from 16 holes belonging to 8 sexy , greedy, tgirls.

I then open up my diary to pleasure Dark men at home from October 12th 2016 right through until May 2017.

As i have said before , this blog contains over 2yrs of detailed reports, pictures and videos of my servite to dark cock , so please enjoy it as i have decided that , this winter , i will NOT be posting regular , weekly updates.

Men can always get in contact with me through my personal free , informational website at www.bitch4black.com

In honour of my "new season" and the men i will pleasure , i just had a new , permanent tattoo to mark me ( to the general Black community) as  slut/slave who can be asked upon , by any black man , to DROP TO MY KNEES and SUCK HIS DICK ON THE SPOT.

It is The Queen Of Spades , a known and recognised marker for those sluts , like me , who are sex slaves to black men. I had it placed on the underside of my arm , so , that whenever i am in a bar and raise my glass to take a drink , black men can see it and know what i am  .



25 Sep 2016

Sunday September 25th 2016 - DOGGING

Black Master Brix is pimping me out , dogging, tonight !

As you know , i ONLY pleasure dark skinned men. I do anything possible for them in order to serve them to the best of my ability.

However , here is the twist.

Black Master Brix's desires in life are to see gurls turned in to MEGA-SLUTS. To pleasure all cocks in all of their holes. He REALLY gets off on that.

So , here we have a contradiction !

My need to serve Black men in any way possible always overides my own agenda. I am here to serve THEM , i am not self-serving.

And so.... Black Master Brix takes me outdoors in the Summer months to dogging ( outdoor sex) locations.

He then invites EVERY man to use my holes . I am wearing his slave collar and i cannot refuse any man.

So , tonight he is taking me out to a location , west of London on the M25 area in Surrey.

He has ordered me to post on here my availability to ALL men to turn up and use me.

If you would like to come and use me TONIGHT ONLY , pls do get in touch with me directly , tiffanylondontv@yahoo.com , with "dogging" in your subject line and I WILL SEND  you full details.

You must drive a vehicle to reach this location.

Thank You


Video is not visible, most likely your browser does not support HTML5 video

13 Sep 2016

September 2016 update from Tiffany - bitch4black

Hi guys,
It has been a LONG time since i provided you with an update , because you know i take the Summer months off , from serving cock at home.

Since June 1st i have been travelling extensively and getting in to all sorts of mischief !

In June and July i spent 2 whole months in my camping car in Europe.
It is a small ( 1 person) camping car, similar in size to a VW Camper.
It has everything i need though, a satnav , a dvd player, a fridge , a sink with hot and cold running water, a cooker. It even has a hot water shower built in to the tailgate ! I really LOVE my camper.

I had FOUR visits to the swingers/naturist village of Cap D'agde.
On one occasion i even took an apartment inside the village.

Naturally , i got up to all sorts of mischief and MANY , MANY men were pleasured by my oral and anal skills.
If you want to know what a typical day is like for me in Cap D'Agde , you can check out my true account at :


I also spent lots of time in Barcelona , as I used it as a base to catch my ferries to Majorca and Ibiza ( where I spent over a week of time in both)

During the middle of all this , I left my camper parked at Montpellier Airport for a few days and got a flight back to London to walk the red carpet in the Film Premier of the movie that I have a "walk on" part in . The film is called "Absolutely Fabulous - The Movie" and I can be seen as an "extra" in the karaoke nightclub scene. http://www.absolutelyfabulousthemovie.co.uk/

In July , August and September i have been taking extended breaks in my campervan , around the UK.
I have toured North Wales and visited Jacks Hydro Spar on their swingers day and pleasured several men http://gaypennanthall.co.uk/
I also came home via Cheshire and had a lovely day at Sauna Sauna in Northwich for their tgirl and adnirers session. http://northwichsauna.co.uk/ I was fucked from pillar to post by those horny , Northern guys :-)

On days when we just have a few days of sunshine in a row , i often shoot down to Studland Beach , near Bournemouth or to Littlehampton or Brighton. I spend the days soaking up the sun and the nights serving cock to any man who passes by , by drawing the curtains on my camper , locking the doors and dropping to my knees !

I also discovered dogging at Devils Dyke ( near Brighton) and have pleasured over a dozen men there , by posting my presence on www.fabswingers.com

When in London , Dogging Master Brixtonian has pimped me out to ALL men , of all ages and races , when he takes me dogging in Surrey.

He has even shot videos of me pleasuring cock , outdoors.
You can see them at :

As you can see ,when dogging i pleasure ALL men !

In October i will resume my servitude, exclusively to DARK skinned men , in the comfort of my own home. I will pleasure dark men from October , right through to May 2017, as usual.

During this time period , i only serve Caucasian men as an escort. 

Then , in June 2017 i will be off again , in my campervan !
I have managed to find new insurance and roadside assistance that will now allow me 3 months ( as opposed to my old 2 months) duration abroad. So , next year , i hope to get as far as Turkey. Oh , i do LOVE those dark , hairy , muscular , masculine Turkish men !  

I told you all before i WON'T be updating my blog weekly this winter. After 3 years of weekly blogs of my service to Black cock , it just took up too much of my time.
I will STILL be pleasuring 10 - 15 Black men per week , i just won't be writing about it here !

I will still drop you all a blog post every now and gain though , just to keep you updated.

Hope you are all well,

5 Sep 2016

Saturday September 10th - i will pleasure YOU ALL !

Sorry for not keeping you updated guys , i have had such a full summer so far and i have so much to tell you about my exploits.

i still dont have time to do that though.
This is just a quick post to let you know that :

Black Master Brix is taking myself and another gorgeous , blonde, tgirl , out to a dogging location to the west of London , close to the M25 on Saturday September 10th , after dark.

ALL men who turn up , aged 18 - 55 , who are not overweight (no beer bellies) WILL be pleasured. Any race.
Our mouths and arses will be provided to YOU.
At the end of the night, i can even be FISTED if you have always wanted to try and see what it feels like to have your hand inside another person !

To find out the location and time you MUST join Master Brix's mailing list at

TOP , ACTIVE Men only please , NO versatile guys or other CD/TV's , thank you .