29 Sep 2016

i am BACK serving Dark Cock - Winter 2016/7

After my Summer Break , i am NOW back serving Dark Cock - no strings - in the comfort of my private apartment in S.Central London.

I pleasure Black , Mixed race, Dark Arab , Indian, Pakistani, Nubian etc... men who are aged 18 - 49 and are not overweight, all for free , no strings.

i am occasioanlly asked by Caucasian men to serve them and i can do this for an escort fee.

I kick off my servitude to dark dick by hosting a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party this Friday night , September 30th , when 10 Black African Bulls will take pleasure from 16 holes belonging to 8 sexy , greedy, tgirls.

I then open up my diary to pleasure Dark men at home from October 12th 2016 right through until May 2017.

As i have said before , this blog contains over 2yrs of detailed reports, pictures and videos of my servite to dark cock , so please enjoy it as i have decided that , this winter , i will NOT be posting regular , weekly updates.

Men can always get in contact with me through my personal free , informational website at www.bitch4black.com

In honour of my "new season" and the men i will pleasure , i just had a new , permanent tattoo to mark me ( to the general Black community) as  slut/slave who can be asked upon , by any black man , to DROP TO MY KNEES and SUCK HIS DICK ON THE SPOT.

It is The Queen Of Spades , a known and recognised marker for those sluts , like me , who are sex slaves to black men. I had it placed on the underside of my arm , so , that whenever i am in a bar and raise my glass to take a drink , black men can see it and know what i am  .



25 Sep 2016

Sunday September 25th 2016 - DOGGING

Black Master Brix is pimping me out , dogging, tonight !

As you know , i ONLY pleasure dark skinned men. I do anything possible for them in order to serve them to the best of my ability.

However , here is the twist.

Black Master Brix's desires in life are to see gurls turned in to MEGA-SLUTS. To pleasure all cocks in all of their holes. He REALLY gets off on that.

So , here we have a contradiction !

My need to serve Black men in any way possible always overides my own agenda. I am here to serve THEM , i am not self-serving.

And so.... Black Master Brix takes me outdoors in the Summer months to dogging ( outdoor sex) locations.

He then invites EVERY man to use my holes . I am wearing his slave collar and i cannot refuse any man.

So , tonight he is taking me out to a location , west of London on the M25 area in Surrey.

He has ordered me to post on here my availability to ALL men to turn up and use me.

If you would like to come and use me TONIGHT ONLY , pls do get in touch with me directly , tiffanylondontv@yahoo.com , with "dogging" in your subject line and I WILL SEND  you full details.

You must drive a vehicle to reach this location.

Thank You


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13 Sep 2016

September 2016 update from Tiffany - bitch4black

Hi guys,
It has been a LONG time since i provided you with an update , because you know i take the Summer months off , from serving cock at home.

Since June 1st i have been travelling extensively and getting in to all sorts of mischief !

In June and July i spent 2 whole months in my camping car in Europe.
It is a small ( 1 person) camping car, similar in size to a VW Camper.
It has everything i need though, a satnav , a dvd player, a fridge , a sink with hot and cold running water, a cooker. It even has a hot water shower built in to the tailgate ! I really LOVE my camper.

I had FOUR visits to the swingers/naturist village of Cap D'agde.
On one occasion i even took an apartment inside the village.

Naturally , i got up to all sorts of mischief and MANY , MANY men were pleasured by my oral and anal skills.
If you want to know what a typical day is like for me in Cap D'Agde , you can check out my true account at :


I also spent lots of time in Barcelona , as I used it as a base to catch my ferries to Majorca and Ibiza ( where I spent over a week of time in both)

During the middle of all this , I left my camper parked at Montpellier Airport for a few days and got a flight back to London to walk the red carpet in the Film Premier of the movie that I have a "walk on" part in . The film is called "Absolutely Fabulous - The Movie" and I can be seen as an "extra" in the karaoke nightclub scene. http://www.absolutelyfabulousthemovie.co.uk/

In July , August and September i have been taking extended breaks in my campervan , around the UK.
I have toured North Wales and visited Jacks Hydro Spar on their swingers day and pleasured several men http://gaypennanthall.co.uk/
I also came home via Cheshire and had a lovely day at Sauna Sauna in Northwich for their tgirl and adnirers session. http://northwichsauna.co.uk/ I was fucked from pillar to post by those horny , Northern guys :-)

On days when we just have a few days of sunshine in a row , i often shoot down to Studland Beach , near Bournemouth or to Littlehampton or Brighton. I spend the days soaking up the sun and the nights serving cock to any man who passes by , by drawing the curtains on my camper , locking the doors and dropping to my knees !

I also discovered dogging at Devils Dyke ( near Brighton) and have pleasured over a dozen men there , by posting my presence on www.fabswingers.com

When in London , Dogging Master Brixtonian has pimped me out to ALL men , of all ages and races , when he takes me dogging in Surrey.

He has even shot videos of me pleasuring cock , outdoors.
You can see them at :

As you can see ,when dogging i pleasure ALL men !

In October i will resume my servitude, exclusively to DARK skinned men , in the comfort of my own home. I will pleasure dark men from October , right through to May 2017, as usual.

During this time period , i only serve Caucasian men as an escort. 

Then , in June 2017 i will be off again , in my campervan !
I have managed to find new insurance and roadside assistance that will now allow me 3 months ( as opposed to my old 2 months) duration abroad. So , next year , i hope to get as far as Turkey. Oh , i do LOVE those dark , hairy , muscular , masculine Turkish men !  

I told you all before i WON'T be updating my blog weekly this winter. After 3 years of weekly blogs of my service to Black cock , it just took up too much of my time.
I will STILL be pleasuring 10 - 15 Black men per week , i just won't be writing about it here !

I will still drop you all a blog post every now and gain though , just to keep you updated.

Hope you are all well,

5 Sep 2016

Saturday September 10th - i will pleasure YOU ALL !

Sorry for not keeping you updated guys , i have had such a full summer so far and i have so much to tell you about my exploits.

i still dont have time to do that though.
This is just a quick post to let you know that :

Black Master Brix is taking myself and another gorgeous , blonde, tgirl , out to a dogging location to the west of London , close to the M25 on Saturday September 10th , after dark.

ALL men who turn up , aged 18 - 55 , who are not overweight (no beer bellies) WILL be pleasured. Any race.
Our mouths and arses will be provided to YOU.
At the end of the night, i can even be FISTED if you have always wanted to try and see what it feels like to have your hand inside another person !

To find out the location and time you MUST join Master Brix's mailing list at

TOP , ACTIVE Men only please , NO versatile guys or other CD/TV's , thank you .


30 Aug 2016

Dogging Last week

Last week , Black Master Brix took me dogging and pimped me to ALL men, yes , even White men!
I thought that you , my dear readers , might like to see pictures and videos of that night.

Here is the link :



27 Aug 2016


Master Brix is pimping me ( for free) to ALL men at a location W.London/Surrey/M25 from 9pm onwards
Details through his website at  www.publicslut.co.uk

27 Jul 2016

Paris- July 28th and 29th ( The + Fri)

I shall be in Paris for 2 days, Thursday and Friday.
I will go to Atlas Cinema and Beverly cinema at some point.
On Friday night I will go to the TGirl club on Rue De Dames, http://tvchix.com/venues/337/La_Maison_Du_Travesti

I would love as many French men as possible to meet me at these sex on premises venues. I am a greedy girl ! Any race, skin colour, just be aged 18-55 and NOT fat !

NO females or other tgirls pls, I am just not in to you !



4 Jul 2016

July 4th 2016 - Summer Update

Hello everyone - how is your summertime going ?

Well for the month of June I was travelling in my campervan in The Meditteranean.
I went on two occasions to the swingers , naturist village of Cap D'Agde in the South Of Farnce.
I could always be found in the bushes , in the sandunes behind the swingers beach.
Gosh , i made dozens upon dozens of men shoot their creamy loads with my talented mouth and arse !
I also visited a sauna in Beziers , where i was fortunate enough to get my hole fisted by two eager men.
I also sepnt time in Barcelona , where i served at the gloryhole in a sex shop !
Also , I spent 10 days in Mallorca. There is a lovely layby there which labourers and salesmen pull in to , in their cars , in the daytime.
I was much in demand by these men !

I came back to London for a few days but i am now returning to the Meditteranean for the month of July.

I start off again in Cap D'Agde and also visit Barcelona and the island of Ibiza.

Here is my upcoming schedule :

July 6/7/8/9 Cap D'Agde/Marseillan Plage/Sete/Montpellier area.
July 10/11 - Barcelona
July 12 - 21 - Ibiza (Town)
July 21/22 Barcelona
July 23/25/25/26 Agde, Marseillan Plage/Sete/Montpellier area.
July 27/28//29/30 travelling Agde - Clermont Ferrand - Paris - Berck-Sur-Mer - Calais - Dover - London

Perhaps YOU will be in one of those areas , at the same time as me , and need your cock pleasured ?


28 Jun 2016

See Tiffany in a movie ! A proper one ! i look Absolutely Fabulous

Hello dear readers.
Well, i have been in the South Of France for the past month - i will write more about that in a day or two.

I have flown back for just a few days as I will be attending the Red Carpet Premier of Absolutely Fabulous - the movie on Weds night ( June 29th) in Londons Leicester Square. I had a small , supporting role part in the film.

My appearnce is only very brief though.

I wonder if you will spot me ?

Anyway , if you want to go and see the movie , details are here :-


28 May 2016

June 5th - 12th 2016 - Cap D'Agde - France

Any male readers of my blog who would like to meet me ( maybe fuck me !) , black or white ( just be in-shape) can meet me in the bushes , behind the sand dunes of Cap D'Agde Naturist Village. On the "swingers" beach - furthest away from village complex.

i will be here daily from 2pm to 6pm , June 5th - 12th 2016, in the bushes , with my bag full of condoms :-)


P.S If you would like to read a report about one of my previous visits to Cap D'Agde ( when i pleasure 100's of men) , you can find it here :-