18 Feb 2013

3 guys on Feb 14th - valenines day

i had THREE lots of chocolate on Valentines day ! Lucky me.
The chocolate was followed by cream , in all cases. Oh , i must watch my figure !

Was my little black bear "Mr.D" Who last visted me on Jan 5th. You can read about his visit here http://bitch4black.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/friday-jan-25th-3-guys.html 
He was guy 3 on that day. Today i sucked him , rimmed his sensationally hairy arse and he fucked me. It is always a pleasure to serve him.

Guy 2
It is almost 2yrs to the day since i first pleasured "Mr.M".
I have seen him about twice per year and i have not seen him for at least 6 months , so it was wonderful of him to visit.
He sometimes works nearby and he always thinks of me when he is in the area but , as it is often late notice , i am not always free to pleasure him.
i was so glad it worked out today though as he has a lovely body and delicious cock.
He is a "blokey bloke" with a lovely cockney'ish accent , which i LOVE !

i sucked him and paid a lot of attention to his balls and ass, which he loved. He loves me rimming him as he calls me the filthiest of names. (smiles)
When he can take no more pleasure he orders me to get a condom and he fucks me in the ass.
Just before he comes , he pulls out and then shoots down my throat.
What a dream :-)
Below is a pic as he has just filled my mouth with his spunk.

Guy 3
I have been seeing "Mr.Beefy" for several years. He is a fit , bull of a man with THE MOST delicious cock. It is the perfect size for my mouth , throat and ass.
Today he just warmed my ass up with his cock as his mission today was to FIST me !

He sat on the sofa, stroking his dick , watching the porn DVD that was 4 feet infront of him. In between himself and the screen was a low , long footrest. Spread over the footrest, facing away from him was myself , with just my ass sticking up towards him.
With his gloved free hand he applied lots of lube and spent an enjoyable time teasing and stretching my hole with his fingers.
As my hole gave way to his stretching he slowly inched his fist in to my (by now) gaping hole.
He felt supreme power and satisfaction as i lay there , vulnerable with his fist deep in my ass.
Gosh , it felt so good to be on the end of a black mans' arm.
The only draw back was that , after such a session , it leaves my ass out of action for 48hrs (due to soreness) so i had to cancel all dates the following day.

In all of the years i have been pleasuring this hunk this is actually the first time that he has fisted me. He says he wants to return again soon and repeat the process as he is now "really in to it !" Can't wait :-)

We did not take any pics of him fisting me , he was too busy having a good time ! So , below is a pic of me being fisted in the past.

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