23 Nov 2012

The Master and The Tall American

Yesterday i pleasured TWO men.

My first man was an assertive, Dominant Master.
He is a married Asian (Indian) guy from W.London who , naturally , does not get to play out his nasty , aggressive , sadistic desires.
He found the RIGHT compliant slut in me.
I don't have any pictures from the meeting because right from the moment he arrived at my door , with me wearing collar and lead and kneeling on the floor , he took control of ALL activities.
i was never allowed to touch myself, i was only allowed to touch him when he decided. i was not allowed to speak, i was only permitted to OBEY and follow his rules. Any infraction resulted in him giving me more pain. So , i never had the opportunity to ask him to take pictures.

Let me just say my holes were thoroughly used by his dark, Asian dick and my arse was stretched with HUGE dildos. My nipples are also sore and crusting today, so , only your own imagination might get close to realising what we got up to today.

My second visitor was a tall, man-mountain of a Black Bull from the U.S.A.

He is in London for a short period , working , and he saw me online and saw it as an ideal opportunity to get free , easy sex whilst he is here.
I have asked him how much i can write about him but he wishes to keep very discreet, so , all i can tell you is that i pleasured his lovely 8 inch black cock and my mouth and ass were thoroughly used. i also introduced him to my rimming seat and he LOVED it.
When it came to fucking me , he was brutal (in the nicest possible way) and he made thorough use of my tight ass hole.

Below is a picture of me sucking his cock.
Below that is an animation. It is NOT of him and me (obviously) but it is quite a likeness of him and his stature and the way he used my ass.

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