8 Nov 2012

8th November 2012 - i only served ONE man today and sometimes just one is enough !

"Master Dragon" has been viewing my website and internet presence for 4 or 5 months.
He is heterosexual and married and so , like many men , he needed time to work out in his head why he found me so appealing. What was it that was attracting him to tgirls and could he go through with it ?
Like many first time men i have met before i very much understand the conflict that can go through a guys head.
One day , i will go in to more detail about this but , for the moment, all i will say is there comes apoint when a guy just realises and accepts that he just has to go for it !

As i say in my emails to guys, when you visit me , if you were to find that it just does not feel righ for you , all you have to do is walk out of the door ! i won't be offended, all i want to do is make men happy.

Master Dragon is a big , strong , imposing Bull of a Black African Man. He has the most sexy , deep, London "geezer" type accent that makes me weak at the knees.
He has a powerfully built body , strong arms and legs and tremendous power behind him (and me) when i was on all fours and he was fucking me in the ass from behind ! His thick 8inch cock , which NEVER goes soft (even for a second) is the perfect fit for me.

Naturally i sucked him and rimmed him for hours too.

It was SO SPECIAL (as it always is) to be the FIRST tgirl that a man ever meets and , for that reason, as i mentioned yesterday when writing about another visitor , i do not like to go in to too much detail about our wonderful time together as i feel it might "cheapen" the magnitude of the honour it was for me to be his first.

Let me just say it gave Master Dragon the measure of me (our first meeting) and since he has dirty and depraved ideas on how he would like to use a slut i think it will just lead to him training me further and harder in order to fulfil his darkest desires. That is , should he choose to visit me again.

I DO HOPE THAT HE DOES , he is sensational :-) x

Here (below) is a picture of Master Dragons cock at the begining of our meeting. Notice how nice i look at the begining of our meeting.

Then , compare it to the second picture (below) , after he has used me for hours and has cum in my mouth , all over my face and down my basque - see how bedraggled i look. This is how a girl looks after you have used her hard , used her like a whore who is there just to serve you .


  1. Guys, this tgirl is true to her word. She is the perfect slut who enjoys pleasuring us black guys.

    If you have any doubts, don't, you won't regret it, I didn't!

    I look forward to more sessions of oral and anal servitude from her.

    She should be prescribed on the NHS for the pleasure she provides.

  2. just too hot to read the story, then to have Master Dragon point of view ;)


  3. amazing post! Gosh, huny you are too lucky Master Dragon is perfection : thick hung black man..just how i love them