27 Apr 2014

Week Ending April 26th 2014...

On Wednesday April 23rd i served FIVE men.

My first visit , from a young lad, about 19/20yrs old,  i connected with on adultfriendfinder , i shall call "The Kid" turned out to be a nightmare.
In his VERY first message to me , he said he wanted to do all sorts of things to me , including "fuck my pussy". i pointed out to him that , as a tgirl , i did not have a pussy , but he could fuck my ass instead. He agreed and so followed a WEEK of direct email contact. Infact, i have rarely come across a guy who sent so many emails. In all my replies , i was clear about who/what i was and how i would/could serve him.

So he turns up at the allocated time , 1pm and i let him in. i ask if he wants a drink - he says he is ok. He is grabbing his dick through his jeans - i can see he is hard and excited. He drops his jeans - he just wants to get on with it fast , as he is horny.
As he is about to approach with his dick , i get on my knees.
He asks me "so , how come you don't want dick in your pussy ?"
i say to him ... "i told you before , i dont have a pussy"
He looks at me hard and says "are you telling me you have a dick" ? He has this wild look about him.. i don't know how he is going to react.
i said - "did you not READ my email replies - it was all clear in there that i am a tgirl , a shemale"
He said "nah , i never read that stuff".

So , am i to be flattered that he had been in my presence up until now and not realised that i was not 100 percent female ?

No time to be flattered , more of a time to be worried as he certainly was wired upon hearing the news that i was not 100 percent gender female.

So , i just turned to him and said "Well , it is up to you , you can just turn around and leave OR i can suck your dick - simple as that , your choice"

Anyway, he pulls his dick out and starts to face fuck me. He is enjoying his long , slim dick being pleasured by my throat. He is loving the 5 minutes of attention from my mouth before he says "i wanna fuck your ass". So , i go get a condom , he puts it on , i get on all fours and soon i am feeling the length of his dark dick up my arse.
He only thrusts for a minute or so and then he cums up my arse.

He is left , standing there , removing the condom and saying "fuck , i have just had sex with a guy... oh fuck, fuck , fuck!"

So , now he was on a huge guilt trip.

To be honest, in this situation , i just wanted him out of the house.
However , he then spent a further 10 - 15 minutes getting changed slowly , whilst all the time pumping me with questions.
He was now convinced that he caught an STD from me. He was asking me how many partners i had, when i was last tested etc... etc.. ( for my readers info : 3 weeks ago - all clear. i get tested regularly)
He was convinced that if he HAD caught an STD from me , that he would have it for life , that there was no cure for STD's.
Gosh - what are they teaching kids in schools these days ? This lad had no idea about the true facts about sexual health.
I told him if he was that worried , maybe he should just go to an STD Clinic drop in appointment?
He said  - cant I just go the a chemist (pharmacy) ?

i could not believe the things that he was saying and the lack of knowledge he had.

Anyway , to end this entry , he eventually left and i forwarded him the website of his local STD Clinic.

i am not gonna comment further on this visitor - you can decide for yourself "where he went wrong" etc...
No pictures - naturally !

My second visitor was  "The Asian Master" whom i wrote about on his first visit in November 2012.
You can see the entry here :


No need to do a write up again and agin , no pictures, this Master does not want any pictures taken.

My third visitor i shall call "sexman".
i first met this African/Arab mix man at a tgirl sex club called Candygirls" at their Christmas Party last December. We had a session in a private room there.
Today , around noon , he found me on the contact site , Fabswingers, and , as he is local , he booked a visit to me at 4pm.

He has a handsome , cute looking face and a lovely , big , dark dick.
It was nice to have him , in my apartment , in private , where we could take our time as i pleasured him.

i started by sucking him before asking him if he would like to be rimmed.
We moved over to the rimming box and he locked me inside.
He lowered his juicy black arse hole over my face and my tongue searched for the goal.

He absolutely LOVED the pleasure that my tongue and mouth brought to his arse hole.
Whilst in the box , he reached down and started to finger my ass - i was enjoying his probing.

He let me out of the box and we moved to the sofa. He continued to gently finger my ass hole , first one finger , then two , then three ! He was fucking me , slowly and gently , with his fingers.
This worked me up and i was craving more.
i said "with the way that you are going , you will soon have me swallowing your fist". He said that he had never done that before , but would like to.
So , we moved to my playroom , where i lay in the sling , spread my legs and he secured my ankles.

He took heavier lube , i took poppers and he began to slowly finger and stretch my arse hole.
Fortunately for me , he has quite small hands and so soon his entire hand glides in to and fills my arse hole.
He is LOVING fisting my ass.

After 10/15mins of fisting , we go back to the living room , where i suck him and he shoots in my mouth.

What a sensational visit , i do look forward to being his local , anal slut in the future.

My fourth visitor i shall call "Sloppy Bull"

This young man (maybe mid 20's) contacted me thru fabswingers. He has a handsome face and a massive , solid, hairy bull body and he  LOVES sloppy blow jobs. He achieved this by throat fucking me and making me gag. Soon , gallons of drool were running from my mouth. It was everywhere , coating his cock and balls. i was a mess ! He LOVED it though and it spurred him on even more.
This bull likes to mess a bitches face up , with her covered in her own spit. He is a nasty fucker --- JUST how i like my men !
He enjoyed a lengthy time with my messy blow job and then he shot his load in my mouth.

We tried to capture the vast amount of drool in pictures , but regrettably , they did not come out well.

i think you get the general idea in the pictures below though.

What a SENSATIONAL bull - i can't wait to serve him again :-)

My fifth visitor saw the return of "asianboy".
i have been serving this tall , slim , handsome , sexy asian lad now since October 2013.
You can see a report about him here :


Today , he wanted me to dress as a nurse.
During his visit , the nurse diagnosed his problem. His penis was hard and would not go soft. In order to solve this problem i had to somehow drain the fluid from his balls. To do this i first used my mouth , to bring oral pleasure to his cock. i also stimulated underneath his ball sac by rimming his arse. Unfortunately , neither had the effect of draining his balls and helping his predicament.
It was decided that i should use my arse to try and solve the situation.
He took a condom and fucked me in the arse.
He fucked me for the longest time in a multitude of positions.
Eventually,  the juices were shooting out of his balls.
After a few minutes , his cock began to go soft.
The nurse was so happy to have been able to cure the problem.... until the next time it happens though , i guess !

 On Thursday April 24th i pleasured THREE men

The first visitor today was "Mr.Thick Dick". i forgot to ask the racial heritage of this sexy man , but , as you can see , he is paler skinned , possibly of Middle Eastern / Arab heritage.

I connected with this man thru adultfriendfinder in June 2013 , but it has taken until now to connect.
This man is SO HANDSOME and has an amazing , fit , defined , gym worked body with big pecs and strong biceps.
In his email exchanges to me , it had always heavily focussed on his love of all things anal , so , i made sure that my hole was well douched and spotlessly clean , before he arrived.
He had also thoroughly read this very blog and so he knew how far he could try to go with me.

He took no time after he arrived to strip naked. i was blown away by his amazing body - he is so sexy , so appealing.
i began by sucking him , but his dick is so thick it would not go right down my little throat :-)
We moved to the rimming box, he locked me in and his perfect ass lowered itself on to my tongue.
i had a glorious time sucking and chewing on his arse hole.
He reached down and fingered my hole as he was doing this.

He asked if i had a dildo that he could penetrate my hole with ?
i told him that i kept them in the playroom and so we emoved there , where he put me on my back in the sling and spread my legs.
He looked around my dildo collection , selected the smallest , lubed it and began to penetrate and fuck me with it.
He then moved on to a larger one  , and then another , and then another , stretching my hole with each increase in size.

Here is a video of one of the larger black dildos penetrating me :

Soon i felt the massive girth of "victor dildo" being pressed against my sphincter. This dildo is so big that once it is inside , it wont actually come out , unless pulled out with great force. So "Mr.Thick Dick" was able to stuff me with the victor dildo and then move around to my face and face fuck me with his thick dick.
My ass was stuffed with thick dildo dick and my mouth was stuffed with thick arab dick , at the same time. 

Here is a previous picture of me , stuffed with victor dildo

 After he removed Victor Dildo , he took my open hole oxballs pighole butt plug and kept me gaped whilst he face fucked me some more.

 He now put on latex gloves , smothered them in lube and proceeded to stretch my hole to take his fist. His hands were H-U-G-E and it was not an easy task. i had to take copious amounts of poppers before he finally hit home and got his hand inside me. He has one of the biggest hands that i have ever taken up my arse hole.

My mind was exploding with the feeling of his hand up my arse and the mental recognition that i was now totally under his control and that he had made me his fist slave. He had claimed my ass , it now belongs to him and i he now has the right to use at whenever he wishes.

All things must come to an end though and he let me out of the sling to clean up.
As i was cleaning up he said that he had read a previous blog post of mine , about me doing an artistic photo shoot of me covered in a mans shit. He asked me to show him the pictures - so , we went to my computer and i brought them up on screen for him.

After a short break and knowing that he had not yet cum , i asked him "how can i serve you best now Sir ?"
He lod me to get back in the rimming box and he locked me in.

He lowered his arse hole on to my mouth , i began to rim BUT this time it was DIFFERENT.
i felt his arse hole push and distend -  i could tell that he was trying to take a shit.

i was locked in the rimming box , my mouth was glued to his arse hole and he  was pushing hard to take a shit in my mouth !

He was actually pushing and straining for 10 or 15 minutes, all of the time feeling the wonderful pleasure of my tongue , lapping at his arse lips.
REGRETTABLY he had no shit inside him. Well , it was later in the day , so i guess he had taken his dump in the morning and just had none left.
He was unable to fulfil his need of making me his toilet - well - i guess he will just have to try on his next visit - if that is what he needs , desires and seeks.

His afternoon had been so great for him that he let me out of the rimming box , shoved his cock in my mouth and shot his load within 2 minutes.

What a SENSATIONAL man he is , with a very perverted mind.
i look forward to many visits from him in the future as he now OWNS a totally devoted , compliant, perverted (unpaid) whore in London which he knows that he can take advantage of. 


My second visitor i shall call "Bull Boy"

As his handle suggests - he had seen my postings on Twitter and he had gotten in touch for me to pleasure him.

This young Black man ( maybe 20yrs old) has  handsome face.
When he approached my building , i could see that his body was huge !
My mind was thinking - is this a fat guy who has deliberately not sent me a body picture in the hope of meeting but i will turning him away ? It has happened before you know. i am just NOT attracted to guys who carry beer bellies , bitch tits or rolls of fat. I KNOW many people go for this ( chubby chasers) but just not me.
I give him the benefit of the doubt and as he walks in to the apartment i can see that his thighs are almost as big as my waist !

i am expecting the worse.

i do know though , that the only way to know for sure is when he gets his kit off.
So , he strips.

i am amazed and delighted to find that he is MASSIVE but his frame is SOLID. He is not fat - he is LARGE ! He is what i call a bull. (It is a term of endearment).
His legs and thighs are like tree trunks , but , they are solid muscle , no flab. And so too is his upper body. He is not flabby , he is just big !

Soon , i am savoring his black dick in my mouth.  
We move to the rimming box , to be frank , his arse is so large i cannot get my tongue to his hole when he is lying on the sofa.

At the rimming box this huge mass of bull arse lowers itself on to my face. His arse completely fills the hole in my rimming box and soon daylight is blocked out.
i am left in my own dark world , my nostrils filled with his funky smelling arse and my tongue is searching about in the darkness to find his hole.
i find my target and i am totally focused on  pleasuring his arse hole with my tongue.
He absolutely loved it.
At this point in time i usually like to reach up with my free arms to stimulate a guys nipples with my hands. i was not able to do this , with this bull , as my arms could not get past his massive bull thighs !

He decides he wants to fuck me , so , we go to the bedroom and he penetrates my ass. He is fucking me for a while but he is soon drenched and dripping in sweat. i can see he is uncomfortable , so , i suggest he stop and we move to my outdoor balcony.

There he is sitting naked on my bench on my balcony , i am kneeling between his legs and we are overlooked by the other buildings.
i get to work with my mouth on his dick.
After lots of attention to his dick, he shoots in my mouth !

 Just look at the size of his thighs in the picture below.

What a sensational Bull he is - i cant wait to serve him again :-)

My third visitor i shall call "Mr Big"

We have been on eachothers radar for a while , but had not met , until now.
This tall , lighter skinned black man soon pulled out his meaty dick for me to serve.
He LOVED having his dick sucked and his balls licked and squeezed.
He enjoyed the time that i was in the rimming box , bringing pleasure to his hole.
Not much more to write as he actually had to LEAVE before he had time to shoot his load - he was on a tight timeframe.
So nice to finally meet and pleasure him.



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