25 Apr 2013

Bringing you up to date

It has been a short while since i updated you guys.
Last week i had an entire week free from serving men , as i had a heavy work load.
This week has almost been the same , not had much time to pleasure cock.

i will bring you up to date with some recent visits though.

Guy 1
"Boy P"   visited me again. i first wrote about him as "guy 2" on this page

It was a pleasure serving this fit , young , black man again.
Lots of sucking , rimming.... well , you know the score by now !

Guy 2
"Daddy Bull S"

Well , i could not believe the sight that greeted me when i opened the door. A mature , built, French/African Daddy and Bull of a man. This man connected with me through a "phone ap." called miumeet just a few days previously. He had never encountered tgirls in the past - i was to be his first.
He sent me a LOT of emails which means i KNOW that he is going through a "should i , shouldn't i ?" scenario.
It really is a BIG DEAL when a guy who has never found himself attracted to trans girls before finds himself in a position where he is corresponding with one who simply wants to bring him pleasure. There is a LOT of conflict in a heterosexual guys mind as to whetehr he should meet or not. i totally understand it and all i can do is be patient and wait until he is ready.
So, one lunchtime there was a hasty email saying he wanted to come round almost immediately. i knew that he HAD now reached a point where he was ready to take the plunge.
i am SO glad he did as he was an absolute treat for me.
He was tall , HUGE muscles, big pecs, huge arms and legs. He also had the perfect bubble butt. This man does not know how sensational he is !
i took it slow with him and made it clear tht we only did things that he felt comfortable doing and that he was in charge. 
Naturally i sucked him and then i introduced him to rimming. It never ceases to amaze me that a man can reach his 30's and yet has never experienced the joys of a tongue licking his arse hole ! It is sad to think a guy has gone thru 20 years of sexual activity and never experienced this.
Naturally , he loved it !
He then wanted to fuck me. He had also NEVER fucked an ass before. i was so pleased to introduce him to the joys of an ass gripping on his cock and milking it with my ass muscles. Naturally , this had him shooting up my arse in no time at all.

Regrettably , i have no pictures to share with you of this date. i actually made a concious decision NOT to mention taking photos to him as i knew that he was all so new to this and i did not want him to think for a second that this was my motive.

My only motive was to bring him pleasure and worship him , his body , his mind and his cock.
Maybe on his next visit he will consent to a little picture or two ? We will see.

Guy 3
"Mr.Hairy Indian".
The third guy i will tell you about visited me today , infact , he only left about half an hour ago.
We connected on the website "fabswingers".
He has met tgirls and shemales before and so he knew EXACTLY what he wanted and how he wished to be pleased.
He was dominant and assertive and i spent a great time sucking his cock , rimming his ass and milking his prostate with my finger. Basically , he gave the orders and i complied.
The first time he cum he was stood up , throat fucking me as i fingered his arse hole for him.
He cum in my mouth and made me swallow it all.
The second time he cum he had warmed himself up by wanking as i was told to get on all fours and finger my hole in front of him . He then cum by milking his own cock as i rubbed his arse hole.
i ought to mention that he is THE MOST HANDSOME of men. A gorgeous face and stunning eyes. A great hairy body and a cock that is so tasty. He has it all ! i was a lucky girl today to have been allowed to serve him today .

Finally for today , "Guy 4" in this week long update.

Tonight I was honoured to receive a return visit from "Master BlackDragon"
You can see a detailed report about this sensational man from his visit to me in November 2012


Read THAT report and then come back.
All i will say is i can barely walk right now , he fucked me so hard and for so long he knocked all the resistance out of me - i became completely submissive and not by "choice", he wore me down in to subservience as i could not take any more , but , he ignored that and carried on relentlessly.

When he finally decided to cum , he made sure i got it all over my face , as you will see in the picture below.

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