19 Oct 2012

Just pleasured one guy today - THREE other guys dropped out , for various reasons. Thats quite upsetting really as it means that i wasted an entire day just waiting in for them , as i had made a commitment to them. Shame they did not hold their commitment to me with the same status.
So , it was not until 7pm and that i got to pleasure cock.

Mr.T from Camden had met one tgirl before through Craiglist. He said the experience was "fine" but after seeing my website and videos he thought a visit to me would be a MUCH better experience. So , i had a lot to live up to. LOL.

Like most of the men i meet, Mr.T is big time in to women and pussies but , he has a slight curiosity for tgirls.
He had not yet let a tgirl really pleasure him and introduce him to new things though.
It was my honour to introduce Mr.T to the pleasure of rimming , having his arse hole stimulated and caressed with my tongue. Naturally , he loved it and could not believe what he had been missing out on.

Had a lovely time with Mr.T for an hour and he decided he would cum by face fucking me. The vision and feeling of his cock fucking my mouth as his hips were pounding in to my face my him shoot his big , creamy load. 

Here is a pic of Mr.T's cock - i DO LOVE a black cock with a pink head. They are quite uncommon and a treat to pleasure :-)