7 Feb 2016

Week ending February 6th 2016

On Wednesday February 3rd , i pleasured TWO men.

The first man i shall call "theplug" . It is a play on words of his profile name on fabswingers.

We first connected , by email , a while ago , but he never got back to me with a definite date.
Today i happened to be on Fabswingers and he messaged me again.

Within the hour , he was around at my apartment.

He is a sexy , handsome, dark skinned , mixed race man.
He told me he was coming straight from work. He asked me if i wanted him to go home first and change/shower etc....
i asked him if he did manual labour or an office job ? He told me , manual labour , i get quite dirty.

So , i asked him to arrive dirty , in his dirty clothes.
i do LOVE a manual labour man and when he turned up , he did not dissapoint.

He arrived , his dirty smelling clothes covered in old paint and new dust.
i dropped to the floor to lick his filthy boots , before he undressed as i was hit with the odour of manual labour.

i got straight in to sucking his delicious , dark , 7inch cock.
Alpha , labouring males like him , make sissy girls like me quiver.

i do not know ho old he is , maybe late 20's / 30 ? and so when i asked him if he liked being rimmed , i was surprised to hear that he had never had it done to him.

i have written time and time again on my blog about the number of men who can go through life and NOT feel the pleasure of rimming.

i do not know why they have not "been there" before ?
Maybe it is because most straight males think that anything to do with their arse hole must be "gay" ?

So , so , wrong.
Your arse hole is so , so , so semdsative and when a slut licks and stimualtes it you are going to feel waves of pleasure that you have never felt before.

So , i got to work with my tongue. Starting with his cock , then going lower to work his balls , then to his guiche ( the area between arse hole and ballas0 and then , finally , to his arse hole itself.
As my tongue lapped and licked i brought him waves of pleasure and his responses and groans confirmed that he was LOVING every second of it.
As he was loving it so much i suggested that we move to my rimming chair , where he could take a seat and lower his hole on to my face.
We spent an age there , as he enjoyed the sensations and ecstacy of my tongue pleasuring his hole.

As he was getting so turned on , he let me out of the box and rammed his cock in to my mouth. 
Just before he was ready to cum , he pulled out of my mouth and bagan to wank his cock.
i continued to lick his balls and rub his arse hole which was still covered on my drool.

He shot his laod all over my face. It shot so far his first spurts went in to my hair !

If you look closely in the picture below , the third picture has his cum in my mouth and his spurts of cum in my hair !

My second visitor saw the welcome return of "Daddy Choc".

It is always flattering when a guy decides that he wants to visit me.
What is more flattereing is that , he makes a date to visit me AGAIN , just 6 days later !

i wrote about Daddy Choc only last week , when he made his first visit to me , so , i wont do a big write up again.

Lets just say it was an honour and delight to be back on his lovely , dark dick again and be his rimming slut.

Here is his picture , first posted last week. Just look at the suction in my cheeks - i certainly know how to suck !

On Friday February 5th i pleasured two men.

My first visitor saw the return of "ikkle".

This stunningly handsome man has been visiting me for 3yrs now. Just an occasional visitor. When he gets the urge to use a gurl like a complete , dirty slut - he turns to me.
It is always a pleasure to serve him.

He loves me to get his cock , balls and arse all sloppy with my spittle as he throat fucks me , to make me gag and produce more spittle.

He loves me rimming him too and in the past he has even been known to use me for "hard sports" as he does like to treat me as the ultimate , filth whore.

It is ALWAYS a pleasure to serve him.

My second visitor was a "new" man , to me.

"Drtyolman"  lives in Texas , U.S.A.  He was visiting London , for a few days , on business.

He had seen me on the publicslut website , the site with pictures of me outside "dogging" and pleasuring dozens of men. This site led him to my own website , thru which he contacted me.

He told me that he wanted to experience a British slut, a true cock whore who was devoted to Black men.

Well , i had the reputation of Britain on my shoulders , so , naturally , i had to serve him in any way that he desired.

He is a handsome "daddy" type black man , late 40's and definitely an alpha male.

We had a nice period of chatting before he got assertive , stripped off and pushed me on to his delicious , dark cock. He engulfed my entire mouth and throat as i brought him oral pleasure.

After a while he tells me he needs to fuck , so ,  i reach for a condom , dress him with it and lube my arse hole. As he fucks me , H-A-R-D , he coomets how lovely and clean i am. ( i always thoroughly douche before all dates)

He pulled out , took off the condome and pushed my moth back on to his dick.

Lots more oral , before he decides that he wants to cum.

So he fucks me again , this time it is even harder !
In no time at all he is shooting his thick , creamy black seed up my submissive white hole.

He is so impressed with me that he is even suggesting that he ships me out to Washington D.C for a weekend , to present me as a gift to his group of Black men who fuck tgirls. He wants me gang fucked by assertive , superior, Black American males.
THAT would be my honour.

No pictures , as he did not want any taken.

i do look forward so much to his return to the UK though. 

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