22 Mar 2015

Week ending 21st March 2015

This blog updates mostly on a Sunday

On Tuesday March 17th i pleasure THREE men.

My first visitor was an early 20's lad i shall call "Young K"
Gosh , i don't know his real nationality , i hope he wont mind me saying that he has "Indian" overtones.

I first met and pleasured him in a tgirl sex club called Sweetwednesday in 2010.
About a year or two later he first visited me , in private , in my own home.
Today he returned for his second visit.

It was a thrill to have his young , dark cock in my mouth and his sweet young arse hole on my lips as i rimmed him :-)

He cum with me sucking him :-)

My second visitor I shall call "Mr. Black Steel".

This 30 something Black stud from Essex connected with me on a site called Birchplace.
We have been trying to arrange a meet for some time and , luckily for me , both he and i were free today.

From his internet pictures, I was expecting a smooth, slim'ish built guy , good looking. "Average" if you like - which is not an insult !
When i opened my door, got him in to my apartment and got his clothes off , there was nothing "average" about this man.
He is wickedly handsome , sporting a thick , sexy beard and a hairy body. He has an appealing "bloke'ish" voice and demeanor. Gosh he was SO f'ing sexy :-)
i LOVE it when you have certain expectations and then they get far exceeded in reality !

He was confident , as he has met tgirls before and knows the score . So he stripped almost as soon as he got here.
It made it possible for me to get to work on enjoying his glorious , hairy body and delicious dark dick.
I sucked him , i rimmed his hairy arse hole and he got me in a position where he was able to face fuck me AND fuck toys in to my ass at the same time.

Naturally , this was a big turn on for him and he was soon shooting his load down my throat.
He was honest and said "i am the type of bloke who likes , after he has cum , just to turn around and leave". i said "no problem at all".
And so he did.
It will only be a problem if he does not visit me again ! He is SUCH a hot , sexy guy that i cannot wait to be his little whore again :-)

My third visitor i shall call "Mr.E.London Indian".

This late 20's Indian man had seen my website and decided to get in touch.

He looked appealing on the pictures of himself that he had sent me. Well , he would have to be appealing , or i would not have met him !
As per my last visitor though , who i greeted at the door FAR SURPASSED his pictures.
He is SO f'ing handsome. He has jet black hair , a close beard and bollywood looks. My heart skipped a beat.

He stripped to reveal a sexy , tight , dark body and inviting. Gosh , he was hairy too - just look at his hairy legs in the picture.
This sexy man is the entire package !

i got to work on his cock with my mouth and was horrified when he shot his load within 2 minutes. Whilst it is flattering to know i can make a man cum so quickly it does leave me thinking " is he the type of man who likes to cum and then leave?"
Fortunately for me , he decided to stay and go for "round two".

This was so good for me because , once a guy has cum then his second cumming is likely to be a long time.
During this sensational time i sucked him a lot more , i rimmed his tasty ass and he face fucked me as he inserted toys in my ass,
He took a condom and fucked me in the ass too :-)
Fucking me was such a turn on for him that he soon shot his load in my ass !

Gosh , WHAT a thrilling visit from SUCH a sexy man.
Before he left he talked about watersports and told me that when he next visited me he is going to piss down my throat ! Oh , i do LOVE  a bit of romance :-)
i can't wait ;-)

On Wednesday March 18th i pleasured two men.

My first visitor i shall call "The 4 seconds Indian boy"

This handsome , sexy 21yr old Indian boy from E.London connected to me through a website called Fetlife.

He had never met a tgirl in person before.

Let me just say he is a little "inexperienced" . Now , i hope he does not take offence of that since most boys and men like to think of themselves as "Gods" in the bed department !
Let me say to all of you men , it is NO insult to admit that you are inexperienced. You will be doing yourself a service by stating this because then , a slut can teach you new tricks in a non-judgmental way !

This young man has a handsome face and GIANT pecs (pectoral chest muscles) - his chest is amazing and so sexy.

Due to his inexperience i decided to become his mentor. i very much took full control.
Now as a sex slave to Dark men who is ALWAYS submissive and taking instruction , this was a bit of a departure for me. i knew that it would be the only way that this would work though.
So , i became his "Mrs. Robinson" and took the lead in all of the things that were about to happen.
i was "educating" him in the best possible way.

After he had arrived and stripped , the first thing we did was take some pictures for this blog.
Once that was done , i set to work by taking his delicious dark cock in my mouth.
The boy shot his load in 4 SECONDS ! i think i only gave two "sucks" to his dick before he was exploding in my mouth !
This must be some kind of record.
You cannot begin to comprehend how flattering it is to know that i can make a boy cum in 4 seconds!

Naturally , this IS flattering BUT it is NOT the best scenario.

i calmed him down and said , lets have a rest for a few minutes and then i can get to work on your cock again ?

So , after a short break , i was on my knees again , bringing his dark dick back to life.

Now i had the full pleasure of sucking his dick.
i introduced him to rimming as he lay on his back and my mouth and tongue brought waves of pleasure to his sensitive arse hole.
Nothing beats a dirty slut licking your arse hole for you !

After 10 or 15 minutes he was soon shooting his second load !

We took another break and , realising that he was inexperienced and not knowing if he would want to stay or leave etc... i said this to him :

"I said to him , “you have a choice , you can either decide you have had enough , wash , get dressed and leave OR you can decide that you want more action on your dick”. He was hesitant and undecided – a bit confused. When we established he wanted some more action , I instructed him “ right , say to me – "get back on your knees slut and suck my dick”. He did just that. My lessons are hitting the spot, I hope !.

So , it was round three where i spent the longest time pleasuring his dick again.
Regrettably , after about 20 minutes he showed no sign of cumming. Well , it was to be expected. Shooting your load for the third time in 40 minutes is a LOT to ask of anyone !

So , we washed and called it a day.

i hope that i was a good "teacher" for him , as all i always want to do is bring pleasure to dark boys and give them the best possible experience and maintain my position as the number one sex slave of choice :-)

i look forward so much to serving him again.

My second visitor i shall call "Mr. Beefy Feet"

This late 20's Black African man connected to me through a website called "adultfriendfinder"

He told me that he had never met a tgirl before and that he had a fetish for feet !
Well , i have never actually met a foot fetishist before , so , i was unsure BUT when he sent me his picture he was SO APPEALING that i just HAD to meet him.

i was totally unprepared to the vision that knocked on my door.
He is 6ft 5ins tall and has a handsome face with big , full , lucious, lips.

His winter clothing gave nothing away about his body though.
When he stripped off i could not quite believe my eyes.
This man has ONE OF THE MOST sensational bodies of ANY man who i have ever met.
We have a saying in England " built like a brick shit house". This is a term of endearment for someone who is simply MASSIVE , almost freakishly large - the type of physique that is rarely seen.

He was built like an American footballer.
Here is a picture NOT OF HIM , but entirely representative of his build.

Huge feet , huge thighs ,huge ass, flat stomach , huge arms and huge trapezius and deltoid (neck and shoulder) muscles.

Having never met a foot fetishist before , i had no idea what to expect or what action "play" would involve.
i stripped off and started with myself in just lingerie , stockings and 4 inch heels.
i sucked his throbbing , thick cock for a short while and then he stopped that , in order to remove my stockings and heels.
i was now bare footed. My legs were bare too.

What followed was THREE HOURS of this hunk just devoting his time to my feet.
My feet in his hands , my feet next to his , my feet rubbing his cock and legs , my feet in his face , my feet in his mouth , massaging my feet etc... etc... etc...

Naturally , this all felt rather wonderful to me. He was blown away by me too and could not get enough of me.

What also stimulated me was his mind. You see , i have rather strong fetishes too and to meet someone who was SO focused on one particular fetish , which consumed him entirely was so fascinating. To see a man go off in to the realms of sheer ecstasy and be totally consumed , as if nothing else existed, was so , so fascinating and also a big turn on.

I'l be honest , he i did not pay that much attention to his cock - although i did get to suck him and rim him a little. It did not seem important as i simply provided myself as an object for his extreme desire.

I have met extreme fetishists before , i have men who visit me who are besotted with trying to stuff as much into and "grow/stretch/gape" my ass as much as possible. Others who want to piss and fill my belly with their urine. Men who want to piss up my arse and fill my belly to capacity and watch it distend. Men who like to hood me , so my face is just an object. They then secure my head , so it cannot move an inch and then they like to face fuck me and use my mouth as a simple fuck hole.
i have never met a foot fetishist before though and it was a revelation.

 Just as i educated a young man earlier today , this hunk educated me on HIS foot fetish.

It was a PHENOMENAL meet . i cannot remember the last time i allowed an man to spend three hours here, so , that tells you how good it was.

i also especially like the little rest breaks we had , where i slumped my body in to his as we cuddled on the bed.
A girl like me likes nothing better than to be totally overwhelmed and enclosed tightly within the body of a mass of a man with the stature and build of this hot hunk.

Below is a picture of my feet that he took and also a picture of me on the bed with him , where you can see the difference in size of my feet against his. :-)

i cannot wait to meet him again :-)

On Friday March 20th i pleasured TWO men.

My first visitor i shall call "boy smash"

This 21yr old Black lad contacted me thru a website called TvChix.

He had never met a tgirl before but said that "he had reached a point in his life where it was something that he wanted to try".

Well , as a sex slave to black boys , who was i to refuse him his desire ?

So , he arrived and stripped off to reveal his sexy , dark body.
His cock was at immediate attention.
i sucked him and then asked if he wanted me to rim him. He declined rimming , he said it was not his "thing".
So i sucked him some more but , my intuition told me that something was not quite right.
i asked him "what is it stud ? "
"To be honest" , he said "i just wanna fuck your hole, deep, hard and fast".
It took me just a split second to grab a condom and lube and get on all fours and present mt ass to him.
Soon he was deep inside me , i was feeling the full length of his black dick.

He fucked me hard , fast and furious on the sofa and then we moved to the bedroom and on to the bed.
He fucked me in all sorts of positions and i actually felt his cock grow even BIGGER as time went on.
There are some guys who actually grow bigger after several minutes of pleasure.
At start of play you can see and feel that they are fully hard but they go and surprise you by growing EVEN BIGGER during fucking ! It is amazing !

I'll admit that his relentless pounding made my hole very sore after a while.
Regrettably we had to stop and i concentrated on his dick with my mouth and hands instead.

It is such a shame that ass , in general , is not like a pussy which you can fuck for hours. An ass is not self lubricating and was not designed for fucking (which makes the act even more naughty and taboo ! ) i imagine very few arses could take the relentless pounding that this boy likes to dish out.

So , i feel sad that i was simply unable to let him fuck me for as long as he would have wanted.
i am just pleased that he got a taste of it though and fulfil a desire that he has been cultivating :-)

My second visitor saw the return of "Mr.Dragon".

Frequent readers of my site will know that this handsome , bull of a man visits me very frequently, often two or three times a month.

So , i wont write much about him again.
Lets just say "Mr. Dragon" LOVES to fuck too !
Oh , my poor , poor hole !!!

My poor hole took a second , relentless pounding in the space of an hour.
i had to muster all of my capabilities in order just to keep my arse hole in place whilst he took his pounding pleasure from it. He has a THICK 8 inches too and he goes deep and uses every inch.

After he had left , i had to soak my arse hole in a bath !

Today my hole HAS been totally destroyed and as i am writing this , 2 days later , i am still feeling the effects.

Ahh well , in 48hrs it will all be back to normal and so i will be able to resume my servitude to cock on Tuesday next week.

Next Saturday (28th) i am holding one of my monthly www.thedarkthrust.co.uk parties.
10 sexy , handsome , strong , fit , athletic , horn Black Bulls will have the 14 holes of the 7 sexy , convincing , gorgeous , greedy trans gurl sluts in front of them - to use at their leisure.

I am so looking forward to it :-)

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