7 Dec 2014

Week ending December 6th 2015

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On Wednesday 3rd December i pleasure THREE men and one guy stood me up (bastard !)

My first visitor was a young black boy i shall call "boy J"

This young man first contacted me in April , but , he had the decency to cancel saying that he did not think he was "quite ready". That showed maturity and , over the months he carried on reading my blog until he had sorted it in his head that he was ready to visit.

Well , the cock never lies and he was rock hard for all the time that he was here.
It was a delight to suck on his cock and rim his arse before he fucked me in the ass :-)

My second visitor i have met several times before , but it has been a few years since i last saw him. Since then he told me that he has become VERY filthy and knew that it was time for him to be very filthy with me.

i sucked "Mr. Filthy" and rimmed his arse hole before he took me to my playroom. He laid me in my sling and grabbed some latex gloves and thick lube. He proceeded to finger my hole and stretch it by adding additional fingers. He told me to take a hit of poppers and then he put direct , steady pressure on his fist , to glide it up my arse hole.
Oh i was so full and so stretched as i was impaled on his hand. He thrust and fisted my little white ass hole with his big black hands.

After he had abused my hole for a while , having me impaled on his hand must have made him feel very dominant and to up his game. He took my video camera and told me to get under the rimming seat. He turned the camera on as he sat his ass over my face.
I thought he wanted to capture me rimming his funky arse hole on camera , but , as i lay there he opened his bowel and a long , 12" turd fell on to my face. i grabbed it ( as it had slipped away a little) and brought it to my mouth. It was an act of absolute submission for me , to have this Black Bulls turd in my mouth.

After he turned the camera off , as he allowed me to stand up again , he rubbed his shit in my face.
This NASTY man really had become extreme in the time that i had last served him. He obviously has extreme desires and needs to use a slut like a piece of filth , who is just there to serve.
He made me feel like a complete , submissive slut who was just there to serve. What an honour.

i wont post the scat video on this blog , because it can be gross and too extreme for a lot of people.
If you WANT to see it , you can see it on the following link , but , you have been warned !!!


My third visitor was a new visitor to me. "Mr.D" is an experienced user of tgirls. He is a black man who is sexy and has a delicious cock.

It was a pleasure to suck his perfect cock and then rim his delicious ass. He wanted to fuck me , but , i was backing off , as i had just been fisted an hour before and i was sore.
i dug deep though and reminded myself that i am just a sex slave who is here to serve and please.
His big cock fucked me for a while and he was loving it. It made it worse that i had to ask him to stop. i really was SO sore , i could not take any more.
He was very disappointed and i can understand that.
Lets hope he visits me again and pins me down and uses my ass for as long as he needs :-)

On Thursday December 4th i pleasured TWO men.

My first visitor "Chico" is a very young man who wrote to me on adultfriendfinder saying "I'm curious to find out how well you can suck a dick".
He is a sexy young thing with a shaved head and a small beard. i just go crazy for men who have more hair on their face than they have on their head - i find it SO sexy :-)
He , like ALL the men i meet was straight and he had never been pleasured by a tgirl before.
So , i was an honour to suck him and rim him , before he wanked his cock as i sucked his balls and he shot all over my face.
No pictures, sorry , as he did not want any taken.

My second visitor was , wait for it, a white guy ! "Master Russia" had seen me logged in to a site called "fabswingers". He liked my profile and contacted me.
He is a masculine , dark, bear of a man with a thick beard. The fact that he was Russian also appealed to me. You know me , i go for the unusual , the opposite of myself , i like to try things that are new and unusual to me. Well , i have never pleasured a Russian before and so that was just the start of the attraction.

He told me he was a Dominant guy and he liked to use his girls hard and nasty. He told me had never met a tgirl either , so , it was going to be new to him.
i was just excited to be meeting a masculine guy who had never met a tgirl before. The fact that he was sexy , handsome and nasty was just a bonus.

We established some ground rules before he visited me but he said he definitely wanted to throat fuck me , hard and fast and he wanted to fist me.

When he arrived i was dressed in heavy make-up and wearing my slave collar , as he ordered.

He put me on my knees and immediately began to throat fuck me. i felt so vulnerable and submissive being used and controlled by this bear of a man , it was wonderful.

He took me to my playroom very quickly and put me in the sling.

He took toys and proceeded to open me up and fuck me with dildos.
After he had finished stretching me with a fairly large dildo , he took some latex gloves and smothered his hands in thick lube. He began to pry open my hole , which was still a bit sore from yesterdays black mans' fist.
Soon his Russian hand was up my arse hole . i was impaled and under his total control. He had said that he had never done it before , always wanted to try and was loving it. All i could do was lie there , unable to move due to the his complete power over me , with his fist up my kunt.
He began to fuck me with his fist , then  , punch fucking my hole , rapidly punching his fist in and out of my stretched hole.

He would only stop and withdraw to make his way to my mouth , which was at his waist level , since i was lying in a sling on my back. He face fucked me and reached to finger my hole as he was doing so.

He moved me out of the sling and got me to lie under the rimming stool. He lowered his big , Russian arse on to my face and my tongue met his hole. i spent a solid 10 minutes bringing pleasure to his ass hole with my tongue. The rimming stool in my playroom is quite tall and so i was getting neck ache reaching up with my tongue. So , he moved me to the rimming box in the living room , where my head lies flat on the ground level and his arse hole reaches my tongue without me needing to stretch.
i spent another 15 minutes licking and cleaning his funky arse. He also shot his load because he was wanking as he felt the pleasure of my tongue.

He released me from the rimming box and took me back to the sling. He re-gloved and re-greased and slipped his hand up my gaping hole again. He spent more time punch fucking my arse hole. By now my kunt was massively gaping.

He withdrew his hand , only to replace the void with a GIANT dildo that is wider than a beer can. He jammed that thing up me. Since it is big and heavy and has a "lip", Once it is inserted it is so big and heavy that no amount of pushing can force it out of any hole. i was now impaled on this monster dildo until HE decided to pull it out. He moved around to my head and face fucked me more.

It was wonderful to be under the power and control of this nasty Master. i do hope that he will return again as it makes me whole and satisfied to know that i am serving men , as a nasty , obedient , compliant sex slave.

He did not want any pictures taken so , there are none of him . Instead i will post an older picture of myself (below) which shows you that giant dildo up my ass .



  1. Wow I cannot believe you have such an ability to serve I am still rather confused about how I feel about some of the extreme things you are willing to do but l am turned on by them. I am not sure if I would like to go so far even though it excites me to have a willing whore. I will continue reading and wanking ;-) bob xxx

  2. Bob , thanks for your comment. i have to agree with you on the extreme stuff and how it must look to the ordinary guy. That actual point has been on my mind for a few days and i am actually going to address it , in a post, in a few minutes. Regards, Tiffany xxxx