5 Jan 2014

OFFICIALLY the most prolific cocksucker in the UK ! 9 strangers cocks - 3 days

2014 has started with a bang.
i have pleasured 9 strangers cocks in 3 days.

Thursday January 2nd 2014 , i pleasured five men.

Guy 1 i will call "JB"
This early 20's young black lad came to me through the fabswingers website.
It was his first time with a tgirl and he infact ALMOST dropped out at the last minute , thinking it may not be quite right for him. With a bit of prompting to re-visit this blog , he found the head space to decide to attend.
I hope that he thinks he made the right decision.
Personally I KNOW he made the right decision because a guys dick never lies.
His cock was hard almost instantly. Turns out he has been watching A LOT of tgirl porn and has all sorts of desires to meet them and be USED by THEM !!!
Well , he sure did enjoy the attention i gave to his lovely dark dick !

Guy 2 , i will call "Mr Caro". This dark , Portuguese man lives outside of London and visits here occasionally. Today he contacted me on fabswingers and i was on my knees , before him , within 4hrs !

This , handsome , tall , athletic, energetic Black man is in his 20's i guess.
He had met tgirls before.
His dick was a sensational 8/9 inches and i loved his powerful, strong , thighs. A dick with a lot of power behind it is always a dream.
I took no time in letting my mouth get to work on his delicious cock.
i asked him if he liked being rimmed and he told me that he had never had it done to him. i have spoken at length before about how it surprises me that men have had an active sex life for many years but have never been rimmed !
i wasted no time in introducing him to the delights of my tongue , slurping , licking and stimulating his arse hole. HE LOVED IT. He loved it so much infact that we quickly moved to my bespoke rimming box , where he locked my head inside and lowered his arse hole on to my tongue. Guys who have visited me know that i have no escape from this box and i can only get out when a guy decides to LET me out !
i became his arse hole licking slave.
He found so much pleasure from my rimming that he unexpectedly actually shot his load all over my chest !

He released me from the rimming box , wiped his cock down and took me back to the sofa.
He hardly gave me time to get my breath back when he forced his cock in to my mouth again ! He had not even taken enough time to let himself go soft again !
This man took full advantage of the fact that he had a sex slave before him and continued to fuck my mouth. He talked dirty to me as he did it and the rimming box and my eagerness to please , combined with my filthy nature led him to tell me that NEXT time he visited me he was going to use my head box to shit in my mouth. To train me to become his toilet. He would wash his logs down with piss and sperm.
This declaration only made me suck harder in excitement of his nasty attitude and soon he was shooting his second load , this time , down my throat.
He is a SENSATIONAL man and i am looking forward to his next visit.
It cannot come soon enough , as far as i am concerned !

Guy 3 i will call "Mr.Oxford Street".
Question : How do you kill time in your lunch hour ?
Answer : Find a local slut who will suck on your dick !!!

Thats EXACTLY what "Mr.Oxford Street" did when he saw my website , realised i was local and needed to be served. He just jumped on a tube train and within 15 minutes he was at my door.
This sexy man got sucked and rimmed by me and then he shot his load. He was with me for just 20 minutes. Well , thats all you need to bust , isn't it ?
So , he is so pleased that he has found a local whore who asks nothing in return. i am sure he will be back !!!

 Guy 4 , i first pleasured in October 2013. You can read about the visit of "asianboy" here :


He is only young , maybe mid 20's and he has short hair on top and a SEXY long , dark beard.
I go CRAZY for that look on Pakistani boys. i played with his beard as i sucked on his dick !
As i have written about him before , i won't go in to great detail here.
Will just say i sucked him , rimmed him and he fucked me in all sorts of positions.

Guy 5 ."Mr.Muscle" returns !
I first pleasured this dream man on 12th December 2013. I wrote about him here :


This is a man who ALMOST cancelled in December as he was unsure if a tgirl would be the right choice for him. Being a straight guy ( which by the way is also how 90 percent of the men i pleasure would describe themselves) he was uncertain. In December i managed to persuade him. As i say to all my visitors "hey , if you don't like what you see or how you feel , just walk out ! "

i will blow my own trumpet here and say that I KNOW men will LOVE my devotion to them and their cock. NO MAN has ever turned around and walked out. MOST men want to come back for more.

And so , today , i was ECSTATIC that "Mr.Muscle" had decided to return.
i am SO in lust with his body and his gigantic cock. This man is PERFECTION.

As per his demands, i sucked him , rimmed him in the rimming box , then returned to the sofa and sucked him more , whilst gently stroking his sensitive nipples and he shot his load down my throat.

i am so fortunate that this  HUNK of beef works all the hours going and never gets time to seek out other internet dates. i am SO PLEASED that he now knows where i am and can visit me ANY TIME HE LIKES and my service will be here , to make his life more pleasant.

THIS time , he even allowed me to take pics. His cock is a massive 10 inches and thick which i am afraid does not convey itself in its enormity in the pictures. You will just have to take my word for it.

On Friday Januray 3rd i pleasured 2 men.

Guy 1 , i shall call "Mr.Portugal"
This sexy man had seen my website. 
He must be in his 20's and is tall, dark and handsome.
He has amazing muscular body and bubble butt. He has a delicious 8" cock.

Well ,this man blew me away. As an experienced admirer of tgirls we had a "girlfriend experience". He was all over me and i was all over him. We could not get enough of eachother.
I sucked him , rimmed him and he fucked me in the ass in all sorts of positions. He loved how i gave myself to him and served him with my clean holes.
Unfortunately time was too short as my next , long standing date was due and we had to cut his visit short.
He cum by wanking , as i was sucking his balls and he shot his load in my mouth , as you will see in the picture below.

My second visitor today,  i will call "young bull".

A "bull" is a man with a big frame , a big build. In clothing , you MIGHT even think thsi type of man is fat. However , when they take their clothes off they are heavy build but they are PURE MUSCLE - like a bull !
Well , infront of me stood a very young bull , maybe 23/24 yrs old ? He was massive , in the nicest possible way. Strong arms and legs , pure , quality beef !
He had contacted me thru a site called xhamster.
He had NEVER been with a tgirl before and , what i love about the youth of today is they have less "hang ups". Every hole is a goal , if you like , for them

All he saw on xhamster was a slut who was prepared to pleasure his dick , no questions asked , nothing required in return and that is EXACTLY what he got with me.

He took no time at all in stripping and presenting his delicios , hard , black cock to me. Naturally , i asumed my position , on all fours and began to suck. He was very assertive (nice) and manipulated my head on his dick. 

i took him to my rim box and he locked me in. He lowered his massive , beefy arse on to my face and my tongue got to work. He was in ecstasy ! He found it SO enjoyable that he shot his load all over my chest within minutes ! WOW !

After a brief clean up , i thought that he would be getting dressed to leave. He said "Oh , i have not finished with you yet slut" and he pushed me to my knees again. He presented his dick to me again , so i sucked , then he presented his arse hole to me again , so i licked and chewed. Next he took me in to the bedroom , grabbed a condom and told me to get on all fours. He lubed my hole and then rammed his dick up my arse. Boy , this nasty , asseretive lad was getting the most out of this compliant whore.

After a while he withdrew, removed the condom and face fucked me . Soon he was shooting his second load , in to my mouth.

What a lucky gurl i am , two sensational visitors today - i do HOPE that they will return soon and train me to pleasure them in the best way possible. i hope they both decide to use me a lot. :-)


On Saturday January 3rd i pleasured 2 men
Guy 1 , i shall call "Mr.EssexBlack".
i had first encountered this sexy man about 3yrs ago when we had a quick fumble in a cubicle in a sex club called "sweetwednesday".
i had forgotten what he looked like and when he arrived today i was faced with a strikingly tall, handsome, athletic , muscled , black man.
He stipulated that i must be bare legged , no stockings , so i complied.

i was surprised when his big , long , snake came out of his pants .
Well , i did my best to throat as much of that monster as possible , but , there was no way it would go down my tight throat.
It was such a pleasure to suck on before he locked me in the rimming head box and got me to work my tongue on his arse hole.  i was then released and we had a total girlfriend experience and he fucked me in the ass. Not content with just "cock gape" he wanted W-I-D-E-R , so , he took a latex glove , lubed it and proceeded to stretch and punch my hole with his fist. He did not go all the way in , as his hands were so big , but he did manage to stretch me so that when he put me on all fours my hole opened up and gaped at him. He was able to look deep inside my ass kunt - he loved it.

WHAT a sexy guy.

Guy 2 today , i shall call "Mr.C" was a black man from near Croydon. He has stunning eyes.
He enjoyed his time with me as i sucked his dark dick and rimmed his arse. 

Come back next Sunday folks , for an update about my activities in the week ahead.
Do you ever wonder when and how many men i am pleasuring on the days that i am not writing on this blog ?
Well , i keep an online diary at www.bitch4blackdiary.co.uk and you can see how busy i get :-)


  1. I understand you addiction to black cock I have had some myself that I enjoyed a lot and some many times