9 Oct 2013

First day back in servitude

My first full day back in service after a 3 month Summer break, as an unpaid whore to dark cock, and my diary is full !

Today , at the request of a visitor , i am dressed as a schoolgirl !

My first visitor "Mr.Slim" was a young (25yr old) black lad from S.London.
I had logged on to fabswingers at 11am , exchanged messages with him and he was around my place by 1pm.
This amiable , lithe , hairy , black boy had a lovely long cock AND a foreskin !
As it was his first visit , he made it "low key" and was just content to chill and lie back as i worshiped his cock , balls and ass.
He left me with a delicious LARGE black load in my mouth after i sucked him to completion.

My second visitor was the one who asked me to dress as a schoolgirl.
It was his very first time with a tgirl and , naturally , i am very honoured that he chose me .
This "asianboy" is tall , slim and very good looking. From East London he has a handsome face, lovely eyes and gorgeous body with VERY hairy legs and ass (just like i like :-)

He is only young , maybe mid 20's and he has short hair on top and a SEXY long , dark beard.
I go CRAZY for that look on Pakistani boys.

I sucked him a lot , rimmed him on my rimming stool and then we went to the bedroom as he told me he wanted to fuck me.
Well he fucked me in all sort of positions and he fucks like a piston !
He loved my ass and , when he was ready , he ripped off the condom , thrust his dick in my mouth and shot down my throat.
What a wonderful experience.

As i sit here writing this , my 3pm visitor, a young guy,  is 35 minutes late and is not answering my calls. I think i have been "stood up". That is VERY rude and annoying. I can perfectly understand if people need to cancel , if they have a genuine reason , but , to not turn up or get in touch is the height of bad manners.

Anyway, In 45 minutes time I am due to pleasure an 18 yr old black lad from S.London. I will report back after he has departed.

Ubelievable. The 18yr old has stood me up too. I phoned him as arranged , dead on 4.30pm as arranged as he was supposed to be outside my local tube station. He answered the phone and is still at home. He nonchalantly says  he "has do go do something else". It did not occur to him to phone me , text me , email me or get in touch with me through the website that we met on 6hrs ago. THIS IS WHY i RARELY meet 18 - 25yr olds. Most have NO sense of responsibility , no respect and no manners. I have even had guys begging to meet this afternoon who could have taken his place. So , he has also dishonored his brethren. The above two types are the WORST types of timewasters.

Lets see how my 6.30pm date fares. He has already given me warning that he "might" be kept on to work late. At least he has given me fair warning. If there is no update on here today , you will know he could not come either.


  1. Good bitch taking cock all black thick and dumping loads keep it up bitch!

  2. Love your videos. you're doing a great thing. I agree, keep it up.