27 May 2013

Last Friday

Last Friday , May 24th , i ended the week by serving 3 men.

The first man is an Asian Dom Male, who asked not to be written about on my blog ... so i wont !!!

The second man was a re-visit from a sensational boy whom i first pleasured on 8th January 2013 and i blogged about him here :

This tall , slim , muscular, handsome black boy had instructed to me , via email , that he wanted to shoot a video of me sucking his big black cock.
So , thats exactly what he did !
He took my video camera as soon as he arrived and shot a video starting with him fully clothed and me getting his out of his jeans , right up to the final moment when he climaxed down my throat.
I have sent him the video and i am awaiting his approval to edit it and publish it.
As soon as i have his permission , i will let you see it.
In the meantime , here is a pic of me , from his LAST visit , sucking his delicious cock.

My last visitor was a big , beefy , black bull in his '30's.
i have been seeing this gorgeous man for several years now.
Our play has become more intense and dynamic over the years.
Today , he wanted to fist me !
So , i had prepared my playroom and the sling and stocked up on lots of Crisco lube!
i warmed him up by sucking his gorgeous cock and he fucked me in the ass to loosen me up.
He then spent an hour , stuffing and stretching my ass with toys before slowly easing his fist in to my fuck hole.
He fisted me , laying on my back in the sling.
 We then moved back to the living room , where i went on all fours and presented my ass to his face. He took his fists and continued to fist and stretch my hole as i reached back and wanked his cock for him!
Phew... what an evening !

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