25 Mar 2013

Today - Monday 25th March

Pleasured 3 men today.

Guy 1
It is 9 months since i first met "Mr.Hairy Indian"
We first met last Summer.
He had then NEVER met a tgirl like me before and i was honoured to have been his first.
He is in his 20's and works in the City and always arrives in his suit ! He is handsome and hairy , with a beard. Oh - i do LOVE hairy men.
He has a delicious cock which is a joy to suck.
He loved my rimming which brought him close enough to the edge to let me finish him off by me sucking him and him exploding down my throat.

As you see , it is 9 months since he last visited me. This just prooves that there are no time boundaries with me. Once a man knows that i am a slut who is here to pleasure his cock , he can visit me whenever he wants. He can re-visit a week later , a month later or a year later ! It is entirely up to him.

Here are the pics of his wonderful , sexy , hairy body and my rimming him.

Guy 2
Guy 2 was another Indian boy .
"Uno" is SO HANDSOME , as handsome as a bollywood actor and a lovely , fit body. Gorgeous pecs :-)
He is hairy too BUT he trims his hair so it is not so evident.

He is also in his 20's and he told me that he had once met a tgirl in the past , but was too drunk to remember much about it ! LOL

Anyway , he has been reading my blog and watching my videos for a while now and he knew that he just HAD to have some pleasure from me.

He had a lovely 8 inch cock that was as hard as a rock !
i began by sucking him and then asked him if he enjoyed being rimmed. He told me he had never been rimmed before ! I can believe this because it is something that many females do not like to do and it is something that a guy does not want to ask a girl to do , incase he offends her.
Men know that there is NOTHING that they cannot ask of me.
As a sex slave to men i am open to fulfilling all of their desires and fantasies.

So , my tongue began to work on Mr.Uno's arse hole. Boy , what a reaction ! He was in ecstacy !
Like Mr.Indian before him today , my rimming brought him to the brink of orgasm and so he asked me to get back on his cock again and suck him until he cum.
It did not take long at all before he was shooting his cum down my throat.
What an absolute pleasure !

Guy 3
Mr.Foxx is a tall , dark and handsome Black African man.
He has a great body , handsome face and a huge cock !

When he arrived i wasted no time and sucking on that lovely meat of his. We soon moved over to the rimming seat where he enjoyed my tongue for quite some time.
He then surprised me by saying that he was curious about fisting . Well , as a sex slave i was duty bound to offer my ass to him to fist. We moved to the playroom and he put me in the sling.
He gloved up and we got the "crisco" lube. He lubricated his fists and stuffed my hole full of lube.
We then spend an hour with me submitting my hole to him.
Slowly , two fingers , then three , then four as he teased my hole. Next he tucked his thumb in and he gently applied more pressure as he stretched my hole to its maximum. His fist was inside me and he relished in his sub being impaled on his hand ! He did not stop there. He slowly introduced fingers of his other hand and stretched my hole to its' extreme. 
He loved his first time opportunity of fisting a sluts ass hole and i loved him being inside there , filling me to capacity.

After fisting me , he released me and took me back to the living room.
He took a length of rope and bound my wrists and upper-arms behind me , so that i could not move them. He put me on my knees and began to fuck his huge cock in to my mouth.
I was there , helpless for at least 15 minutes , unable to moove. My mouth was just a fuck hole for him to take pleasure from.
He stared past me , watching the porn movies playing on the DVD as i looked up at him , relishing that i had found "my place" and my position as just his fuck slut - to simply take the pounding that he was giving my mouth.

On his next visit he has promised to bring his shibari ropes and bind me completely in my playroom so that i cannot move ANY part of my body. My holes will be available for him to use and abuse at his leisure.

What a fantastic opportunity i had for this strong , kinky , imaginative Dom to use me. It was bliss :-)

Here i am sucking his cock........


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  1. Amazing. Sounds like you really know exactly how to please a man. I can't wait to get to stretch you open to the extremes. I am getting some great ideas for our meet next time I am in london. It's going to involve stretching, restriction, watersports and many things I don't really want to list here.

    Hope you are ready for me.

    Mr S x