18 Oct 2015

Week ending October 17th 2015

Tuesday October 13th was my FIRST day back in servitude to cock , at home , since my Summer break started in May.

So , my diary was busy today and I also have a huge back log of men to serve , so it is likely that I will be VERY busy over the next few weeks too !

Today I served FOUR men.

My first visitor was a regular , "Mr. Sleaze" who has been visiting me now for a few years. So often infact that he even has his own "keyword search" here on this blog !
He is a sexy, handsome , no-nonsense , assertive man.

I had instructions that , before he arrived , I was to open the door to him with my face covered by a slave mask. Only my eyes , mouth and nose had holes. Around my next was a slave collar.
When I opened the door I dropped to my knees as he has trained me and he looked at me and told me “you are to remain silent at all times”. 

Right there , in the hallway , he teased me with his bulge in his jeans. He let his throbbing cock escape and rubbed it against my lips. He let me have a little taste and then told me to lick and clean his sweaty balls. He then went for a piss and I was brought to hold his cock as he did so.

He took me to the living room and he teased me more with his big cock before finally pushing it past my lips in to my throat. He told me to “get to work”. I worked his cock and balls with my tongue , mouth and throat , all the while remaining silent , like a good little gimp girl. 

He shot his load down my throat and ordered me to remain masked , on my knees until I heard the front door close behind him .

He left.

So this assertive man just used me as a hooded, silent , cum dump. He was only here ten minutes , but that does not matter at all , because I know that it is what I am here for.

My second visitor I first pleasured in 2010 , when he was just 20yrs old.

He is a slender , athletic, black lad with tattoos. He has a “gang” lad look about him , which I like.
He was VERY verbal as I pleasured his delicious dark cock.
I did as he asked and rimmed him and sucked him for a long period of time , before he shot his load down my throat.

My third visitor actually contacted me only today.
He is a young (perhaps about 23yrs old), tall , athletic, handsome Black lad who lives quite close to me.
I shall call him “Huge Boy” !

He had seen my videos on Xvideos and decided to get in touch.

When I pulled down his jeans he had ONE OF THE LARGEST , most impressive cocks that I have ever seen. He had a rock-solid, genuine, 10 inches with a decent girth. During the hour that he used me , his cock never went down for a second.

It was his first time with a tgirl but said that he had seen my videos , watched other tgirl porn and had even read THIS blog and he just knew that he had to experience me.
What a lucky girl I am !

I must admit , I felt a bit inadequate as I struggled ( and failed) to deep throat him !
When a guy has a cock THAT big , I wonder if he EVER finds anyone who can manage to deep throat him ? His cock was just too thick for my little throat.
Nevertheless , he enjoyed the pleasure I brough sucking him and rimming his arse !

When it came to him fucking me in the arse, again , it was just too much and , even though he had radically stretched me , I am afraid I was unable to take his entire length. 

It is such a shame that pussy’s go on for ever , yet anal tracts are only about anything between 4 and 8 inches deep. Mind you , pussy’s can’t grip like my anal sphincter can – so , he had pleasure in that way !

His HUGE dick really opened up my arse. I was on all fours , my hole was gaping , opening and closing and “breathing” in front of his eyes.

This turned him on even more and he proceeded to punch fuck just the external ring of my hole with the head of his cock. He then said he wanted to fist me but I had to tell him I could not allow that , as i have other men visiting me this week and I could not have my hole sore and “ruined” for them
i now keep fisting activities to Fridays or Saturdays only, so that I have a few days to recover before serving other men from the following Tuesday.

So , we are planning a weekend date, so that he can slide his whole hand up my hole !

It is a shame that I did not get any pictures of myself serving his whopper meat – the battery had died on my camera. Hopefully I will have some for you on his next visit.

My fourth visitor saw the return of a Brazillian BDSM Master from the website Fetlife.

I cannot believe it is 2 yrs since his last visit – It is NOT his fault , outside forces have meant that I have been unable to serve him on at least 2 occasions , since then.

This sexy man has a VERY imaginative, depraved and kinky mind – so much so infact that I CANNOT tell you what he did to me today – even THIS submissive needs to keep some secrets J

On Wednesday October 14th I pleasured FOUR men.

My first visitor contacted me just this week. He had seen me online.
He is a young , black lad from Kent.

His visit was short because he arrived late and I had little time to pleasure him before my next “guest”. So , a blowjob sorted him out and then he went on his way. 

It is almost a year to the day that I first pleasured my second visitor.

This sexy , assertive Black man soon had me in my place , on my knees and barking orders for me to suck harder and sloppier !
He is a kinky bugger too and ordered me to put on a full face mask. He just wanted a faceless , robot , sex doll to get to work on his dick.
He is very verbal and gets what he desires.
And that is exactly what I did for him with over an hour of constant sucking and rimming his arse.
He got me to get his dick and balls so wet and sloppy and he ruined my makeup !!!
Click on the picture to see a larger version in a new window.

It was January this year when I last was paid a visit by this sexy , young Black man.
As my third visitor today , I sucked him solidly for an hour , only breaking pace to rim his arse.
He shot his load with me sucking him.
No pictures of him today , here is a picture from his visit in January.

My fourth and final visitor today was from a man I have being serving for many years.
He is a handsome, hairy “bear” of a black man and , when he is working in my area , he just texts me , asking if I am free.
It was a pleasure to suck him and take his cum again today.
Here is a pic of his fabulous , hairy arse that i was honoured to lick and rim.

On Thursday 15th October I only had time to pleasure ONE man , due to other comittments.
But, what a man he is !

He is the MOST handsome Indian man. He has visited me before and you can see a report about "Mr.E.London Indian's" first visit here :

In the past , he has always clipped short his body hair. Today , just for me , he has been allowing his body hair to grow. Oh gosh , he is hairy EVERYWHERE ( which I love ! ) His legs , chest , back , bum cheeks – hair everywhere ! I LOVE it , love it love it !
He was also so tuned on that I managed to make him cum twice.
What a pleasure it always is to serve him J
No pics today – here is one from one of his previous visits.

Visitors to my blog – there is a NEW dynamic to my diary of servitude.

SOME kinky men like to stretch , gape and fist fuck the holes of sluts like me !
Naturally , this activity stretches me so much that if a guy was then to want to fuck me , well , it would be like thrusting his dick in to a pussy ! I would not be able to grip and milk it with my arse muscles , which is so pleasurable for men. 

So , in order not to be in this predicament my new policy is to only serve stretch, gape and fist men on Fridays. This then gives me 3 entire days in order to bring my hole back to normal , in order to pleasure and be fucked by men from Tuesdays onwards.

So , from now on , my FRIDAY entries will always be about the men who fisted me. Plus , there will only be ONE visitor on that day, as fisting is so intense.

So , on Friday October 16th a tall , handsome , young , assertive, dark skinned , Mauritian boy came to visit me for the 5thtime in a year.

It started gently and low’ish key whilst I worked on his cock and balls with my tongue and mouth.

When he was ready , he ordered me in to the bedroom. He swiftly donned latex gloves on both hands and ordered me to present myself to him on the bed , on all fours , with my arse facing him. He took copious amounts of Crisco Lube and smothered his hands to make them slippery.

He proceeded to finger my hole , then another , then another.

As he stood back my arse hole gaped fro him , sucking air in and out , my arse was “breathing” for him and begging  for more.

He slowly but firmly used pressure to push his hand up my arse hole. He found my depth then , over the course of 15 minutes , proceeded to fist , punch fuck , stretch and gape my hole. HE LOVED IT.
Things only came to a head because I put a stop to it. You see , I knew I had ANOTHER man coming to fist me the following day and so did not want to be completely ruined.
He continued to face fuck me with his dark dick as he fingered my hole and he shot his load down my throat.

On Saturday October 17th I had an “extra” day of servitude.

About a week ago , a young , Bulgarian , white Master contacted me through the BDSM website, Fetlife.
This handsome boy looks angelic and sweet , but , in reality he is VERY assertive , demanding and kinky.

I opened the door to him , as pre-ordered, already with a butt plug in my arse. 

After I had given him a tour of my playroom/dungeon he took me back to the living room and began an hour of intense face fucking , verbal abuse and making me lick his funky arse hole clean.

He made me gag on his cock and i was drooling so much that I was making his cock and balls REALLY slimey – just the way he wanted. 

He had a nasty , dominating demeanour and often spat in my mouth , to make his cock suck more slimey and he also spat in my face as he told me what a nasty whore I was.

My make-up was running down my face and I did indeed look like a skanky whore.

He ordered me in to the playroom , ordered me to lie on my back in the sling , put on latex gloves and proceeded to lube up some very large dildos.

He took time stretching my hole with these giant dildos , watching the gape and carefully timing the moment when he could get his fist inside me.

He judged it just right as he glided , with some pressure , his young fist right in to my arse.

Over 45 minutes he fisted and punch fisted my poor hole. He worked on depth and width , his mission to get my hole as gaped , stretched and ruined as possible. 

He has already told me that he wants to get my hole large and ruined enough and capacious enough to take a horses dick !

What a nasty young man he is – and I love him for it !

No pictures BUT we did shoot a video of these events , which I will edit in the week and send you all a link to. So, check back in a few days time.

That’s it for this week folks.

You can always see how busy I am going to be by looking at my diary at www.bitch4blackdiary.co.uk

Remember, I serve dark skinned men for free , as I am a sex slave to them. White men can purchase my services for an escort fee.



  1. Lovely update, glad to have you back. You need a new rule where the gentlemen must allow a picture to be taken! It's not like they can be identified from the visual of their cocks, lol! I had a question for you: what is the largest toy you've taken up your arse? I'm working on the Doc Johnson American Bombshell Ballistic, and it's a real struggle.

  2. @ anonymous - thank you for your comment. The largest fildo i can take , at present , is the Victor Dildo. It is the "regular" Victor Dildo , not the "Super Victor". You can see a picture of it , inside me, on the following page : http://bitch4black.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/week-ending-april-4th-2015.html