26 Oct 2014

Week ending October 25th 2014

This blog is updated every Sunday

This week i pleasured EIGHT men in need.

On Tuesday October 21st i pleasured 3 men.

My first visitor , i shall call him "Mr.Head Fucker" !
Apparently we had met before in a tgirl sex club called sweetwednesday , but, as i only go there about once per year i cant remember !

He is a handsome Black man in his 30's. Since he has met tgirls in the past and used to it , he took no time at all in stripping off and feeding me his cock.

This man likes to hump his cock. He likes a mouth on his dick and then he just likes to fuck it and he can fuck it for hours.
I often found myself not even moving! He would clamp my head in his thighs and then just fuck my face ... hard ! It was absolutely fantastic. Knowing that i was there , just as a warm , moist receptacle for his lovely Black dick - just made to lie there and take it for HIS pleasure !
After a long , long time face fucking me , he bent me over , grabbed a condom and fucked my ass.

He cum by wanking , as i licked his balls and when he shot , he produced copious amounts of cum which actually spurted and hit himself in his face !!!

My second visitor , "young bull" i have met before.
i first met him on January 3rd 2014 and i posted about him at that time.

He is a SENSATIONAL young man. He is big and beefy , huge body of solid muscle , like a "bull".
For someone so young he has a confident , assertive attitude - which i LOVE.
THIS is what i had to say about him on his last visit .....

"A "bull" is a man with a big frame , a big build. In clothing , you MIGHT even think this type of man is fat. However , when they take their clothes off they are heavy build but they are PURE MUSCLE - like a bull !
Well , infront of me stood a very young bull , maybe 23/24 yrs old ? He was massive , in the nicest possible way. Strong arms and legs , pure , quality beef !
He had contacted me thru a site called xhamster.
He had NEVER been with a tgirl before and , what i love about the youth of today is they have less "hang ups". Every hole is a goal , if you like , for them

All he saw on xhamster was a slut who was prepared to pleasure his dick , no questions asked , nothing required in return and that is EXACTLY what he got with me.

He took no time at all in stripping and presenting his delicious , hard , black cock to me. Naturally , i assumed my position , on all fours and began to suck. He was very assertive (nice) and manipulated my head on his dick.

i took him to my rim box and he locked me in. He lowered his massive , beefy arse on to my face and my tongue got to work. He was in ecstasy ! He found it SO enjoyable that he shot his load all over my chest within minutes ! WOW !

After a brief clean up , i thought that he would be getting dressed to leave. He said "Oh , i have not finished with you yet slut" and he pushed me to my knees again. He presented his dick to me again , so i sucked , then he presented his arse hole to me again , so i licked and chewed. Next he took me in to the bedroom , grabbed a condom and told me to get on all fours. He lubed my hole and then rammed his dick up my arse. Boy , this nasty , assertive lad was getting the most out of this compliant whore.

After a while he withdrew, removed the condom and face fucked me . Soon he was shooting his second load , in to my mouth.

What a lucky gurl i am , two sensational visitors today - i do HOPE that they will return soon and train me to pleasure them in the best way possible. i hope they both decide to use me a lot. :-) "

Today - he RAPED ME.
Let me explain..........

He warmed up by using my mouth , i sucked him LOTS and in all sorts of positions. His thick cock is always so wonderful to have in my mouth.
We moved to my rimming seat , where i ate his arse for a while. Whilst my head was locked in the rimming box, as he sat on my face, he fingered my ass. First one finger , then two and THEN he was aiming to get ALL of his fingers ( maybe even his hand) up my hole. It is not the best place to achieve this , as the angle is wrong and there was also no thick lube at hand.
He released me from the box and said he wanted to fuck me in the ass. He fucked me hard for a while and i REGRET i had to ask him to stop. i think his dry fingering had made me really sore.
i went back to sucking him more , but soon his fingers went to my ass again. i had to tell him to stop , as it was so dry. i told him that if he wanted to get his fist inside me , then we would have to do it on another visit, when i was fully prepared and had gloves and the right lube lined up.
He told me he needed to fuck me again but i said i did not think i was up for it , but , for him , i would try.
He had only been fucking me again for a minute when i had to tell him to stop. i REALLY was sore now and i just could not cope with it any more. Instead of withdrawing , he pinned me down and continued to fuck me- HARD. i begged him to stop, but he took no notice. He told me i was just a whore , there for his use and he carried on pounding my ass. It was RAPE as i had asked him to stop , but he just continued. i will admit though that i did not put up much of a fight , because the face that i was REALLY , REALLY , REALLY being used just as a fuck object , against my wishes, was really turning me on - it mixed up my head. i really now knew that i WAS being used just as a fuck slut and i could do nothing about it - it was SENSATIONAL. 
i CANT WAIT for his next visit - when i will make sure that i have gloves and lube on hand , so that he can get his fist inside my ass :-)

My third visitor was...... wait for it.... a WHITE guy !!!!

As you all know , i rarely pleasure Caucasian men in my free time. i do see some as an escort though. 

If i am to pleasure a White guy in my free time , then he has to be EXCEPTIONAL !
What would make a white guy exceptional for me is if he was muscular and built. No , not a swimmers build but more like a powerlifter - thick , solid and massive. Naturally he would have to have a handsome face too. Other types of white guys i would go for are ones who are HYPER HAIRY. Guys covered in hair like a gorilla. Front , back , ass checks, ass hole - EVERYWHERE ! I LOVE that. Or , he could be a nasty , assertive KINKY Master Dominant.

 So "Mr.White Poland" was a handsome BUILT guy. He has a strong , powerful body and a face like Beckham ! 
He had a gorgeous , THICK cock which i sucked. i then rimmed him and then sucked him some more. Unfortunately he said that he had very little time and so , he shot his load as i was licking his balls and stimulating his arse.
i do HOPE that he will visit again :-)

On Wednesday October 22nd i pleasured 2 men.

My first visitor i shall call "Mr.Big Dick".
We had connected on a webiste called adultfriendfinder.
He was VERY specific as what he wanted from me on his visit.
i opened the door to an EXTREMELY handsome Black man dressed the way that he had ordered me to. i was covered , head to toe in black latex. i had a latex mask over my face and i looked like a human sex doll.
i led him to the lounge and dropped to my knees , whilst he stripped.
He has a sensational , athletic, ripped , built body. Next came a BIG surprise - his massive cock !
i barely had any time to look at it because i was soon feeling it in my throat. He took my latex head and pushed his cock in to my mouth hole.
i spent time sucking him and he wanted to take a video of it He has allowed me to share it with you and it appears below. 
It turned him on so much that he shot his thick , creamy cum all over my breasts.

After he had cum , i was going to give him a few minutes to take some time to rest - but - he had different thoughts. As i was cleaning up he ordered me to my knees again. He bust his nut AGAIN withing just a few minutes. 

He never saw my face , he just cleaned up and left. He had fulfilled his need to use a human, rubber , sex doll and i was in total awe and so honoured to have served him.

i cant wait for his next visit ;-)

My second visitor was a VERY young man i shall call "Mr.Curious".
i met him thru a fetish website called "Fetlife" and he showed an interest in joining our party group , called , The Dark Thrust ( they are private parties for Black Bulls to be provided with several greedy tgirls to use)
He is a politely spoken young man with a very impolite agenda !
He is very good looking with a lovely hairy body.
He used my mouth for 40 minutes, i also rimmed him and he fucked me.
He has passed his "audition" to join our Dark Thrust Parties and i hope to be lining up lots of tgirls for him there :-) They are going to enjoy this sexy young man !

On Thursday October 23rd i pleasured 2 men.

My first visitor i shall call "TopT".
He contacted me thru a website called PlanetRomeo , he said he had met tgirls before.

This young man was a vision of handsomeness as i opened the door to invite him in to my home. Gosh , he is SO sexy with a great body too. 
His delicious cock was rock hard all the time that he was here , a compliment to me i guess ! :-)
It was a pleasure sucking him and then he grabbed me by the hair and pumped my face up and down on his dick.
He njoyed my tongue bringing pleasure to his ass , as i rimmed him , before he stood me up and fucked me in the ass.
He left me his beautiful gift by cumming in my mouth.
He is also a boy who want to join our Dark Thrust parties and he CERTAINLY paased the test.
It is going to be an absolute dream and honour to pleasure him , whenever he is in need. :-)

My second visitor i shall call "boy King". It merely refers to his screen name that he contacted me thru on a site called "ashemaletube".
Yet another handsome , young, Black boy. 
Gosh , i have had a run of Black lads uder 25 lately , i am a very lucky gurl.

My sucking and fingering his hole soon got him busting his nut ! 
Being young , he was raring to go again ! He grabbed me by the hair and pumped my mouth up and down on his dick - he shot again withing 5 minutes !
He just could not rest and i was put to work sucking him AGAIN !
i must have sucked him for 30 more minutes though , but , he did not show any signs of cumming. Well , i am sure it was a bit much of an ask anyway , has he had already cum twice in 10 minutes !

On Friday 24th October i was due to pleasure 2 guys but one guy stood me up :-(

Grrr , how can you spend weeks emailing someone , have them in your diary and then , when the stated day and time arrives you "forget" ???
It makes me so annoyed. Not just because i have gone to great lengths to prepare for them , but also because they took the time slot that another guy could have used to be pleasured.

So , i had to just sit around all day until my only visitor "Mr.Small hands" arrived at 6pm.
This compact Black man says that he has seen me at venues like Sweetwednesday but i cannot recall seeing him ! He says that he has met lots of tgirls in the past. 
This was a bonus because it meant that he was very comfortable with me within a very short period of time. We had a full "girlfriend" experience, we kissed and cuddled and i sucked and rimmed ! 
He had stated in his emails that he wanted to visit as he wanted to scratch "fisting" off his bucket list.
So , we moved to my playroom/dungeon where he put a glove on his small hands, lubed up with thick lube and opened up my hole to take his fist as i stroked his cock.
He was blown away watching and feeling his fist enter my love tunnel. 
He cum by me ptting HIM in the sling ( his choice) whilst i stimulated HIS ass and he bust his nut.

On Saturday October 25th i pleasured 1 guy.
Now , i only pleasure on a Saturday under exceptional circumstances, so it takes an exceptional man for me to break my rule.
As you will have also read at the beginning of this page that it also takes an exceptional WHITE guy for me to meet and pleasure him !

"Master Romania" had contacted me thru a fetish BDSM website called Fetlife. He had owned a female slave in the past but had not had any experience with a tgirl.
He was especially interested in meeting me to train me to become his human toilet and to take his fist. 
He is a VERY handsome , built man. He has a strong , powerful body and used to be a boxer ( fighter).
He also has a sexy accent !

His presence was imposing as i handed the leash to my collar to him upon his arrival ( his orders)
He took me to the living room where i was forced to my knees as he unleashed his THICK cock and began to face fuck me.
It was just the prelude for him to tell me to go and fetch gloves , lube and poppers.
i was ordered on to all fours as he began to finger, tease and stretch my ass hole.
With a few hits of poppers i felt his large hand edge it's way in to my arse hole.
When he got all the way in he withdrew it again and told me we were going to my playroom.
In the playroom he laid me flat on my back in my sling.
He took more lube and began to REALLY work my hole with both hands.
He stretched me further and got my hole used to his dimensions. 
He built up intensity and was soon punch fucking my hole. i was reaching around and stroking his thick dick as he fisted me.

At times , he would stop and come around the back of the sling , to where my head was. He would then vigorously face fuck me - right down the full length of my throat !

He took an "open hole but plug" and pushed it up my ass. It is like a regular but plug , about the width of a can of coke , but it has a hollow centre. The hollow centre is about the width of a cock. 
He took a condom and put it on his cock , then , he furiously fucked me hard. He fucked me so hard he actually tore 2 condoms and so we had to reach for a third.

After he had had his fun with my arse , he told me that he wanted to cum. He took me to the living room and told me to lie down. He straddled my face as i licked his balls , he stroked his cock and then shot his juice all over my face.

When he had cum , he told me he needed to shit. He took me back to the playroom , sat on my portable toilet seat , placed my head underneath and told me to open my mouth. He then took a dump and shit in my mouth.
He took me to my bathroom , laid me in my bath and then pissed all over me. 

As he took his shower , i just stood there , my face covered in his shit and my body , hair and clothes drenched in his piss. 

i think he was pleased that he had met me and begun my training.

As i said before ,it takes an EXCEPTIONAL White guy to get a "free" visit to me - this man is CERTAINLY a VERY exceptional , kinky , nasty, assertive man :-)  

i am EAGER for his return and further training , should he desire to visit me again.



  1. Hi Tiff-Whore, Any DP this year on program ? ;-)

  2. In reply : it is VERY hard to get two guys together who want to DP me - it would also need a third guy present to take the pictures !!! So , i am always open to it BUT it is unlikely. Tiffany xxxx

  3. I agree it would be great to see more of you being dped but I understand that it is difficult and also that you are there to pleasure then men who visit you not filming and taking photos for your website as it should be the reason you are so good is your ablity to just please whatever is wanted of you s xxx