25 Mar 2017

This blog is down from March 2017 but will return

Dearest readers of my blog.

I know that many of you have been following my blog for many years.

Today , i have taken the decision to take my blog down for an unknown period of time .

I PROMISE you that it will return though.

The reason is this .....

As you know , i pleasure many , many Black men and i bring joy to their lives.
i do it freely , without any strings. 

As you know , my blog conatins ( contained) detailed descriptions and pictures of my sexual servitude to Black and dark skinned men.

Because of these "details" it means that i have records of my servitude to black men going back several years.

So , in 2015 i was contacted by an advice centre worker on behalf of a Black man who had been detained by the police for being an illegal immigrant from Nigeria !

This man was claiming asylum here in the UK under the grounds that he is gay/bisexual.

Unfortunately , since he is Black , Nigerian , gay and very private he was (is) unable to find many of his past sexual partners to vouch for him.

I AM THE ONLY person who has emails , texts and descriptions of our meetings , exchanged between us , who can produce these in court , to proove that he is gay/bisexual.

And so , for the past 2 years this man has been living in an Immigrant Hostel in the North of England , living in a multiple occupancy household with homophobic African and Arab men. They are making his life hell as many of them are fundamentalists and quite frankly would put him to death , if they could get away with it .

Naturally , if this Black man was sent back to Nigeria , he could easilly face life in prison or the genuine possibility of "disappearing" and being put to death.

I see it as my duty and responsibility to help this man , in any way that I can .

Even though i only met this man on about 4 or 5 occasions over a very brief period ( in 2009)  , i have been supporting him emotionally for the past 2yrs .  I have also been holding fundraising parties on his behalf and so have been able to send him a little money every month.

The situation now is this - his case is in court , but , it is a very hard battle and , so far , the British Justice system has not given him the human rights that he is entitled to.

This situation is likely to go on for AT LEAST another 6 months and so , during this time , i have decided to take down my blog.

i dont particularly feel comfortable with the British Home Office taking interest in my lifestyle ( which they certainly have so far , as i have appeared in Court with my real identity , real passport , real address etc.. etc... )

So , for the time being , i am removing my blog content.

Let us hope that , later this year , that this man IS granted asylum here in the UK and i can restore my blog.

For those of you who know me personally and would like to help this man out , with a donation of money , then do please contact me directly. Even just £5 or £10 will help a lot.


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