5 Mar 2017

An update in March 2017

Hello folks
It has been a while since i did a message to you all.

Firstly , if it is your first time here and you are thinking , is this blog worth looking at as it appears that she only posts once or twice a year , then , YES , IT IS worth you going through my blog , as it contains weekly accounts of my servitude to Dark Skinned men over the period of years.  I just stopped updating a while ago , as it was taking up too much of my time , however , there is still a mass of content to see on here :-)

My friends , firstly i must let you know that ALL of the videos on my blog have been deleted , for the forseeable future.
This is just a temporary measure , whilst i deal with a personal issue , which i cant tell you much about at the moment , but , when it is resolved i WILL tell you all about it and you will be amazed.

As for me , i am still serving beatiful dark skinned men and providing pleasure to them , free of charge.
My DarkThrust sex parties are still the hottest free ticket in London , when myself and another 8 or 9 tgirls and 12 or more Black Bulls come together for the hottest parties in town.

So i hope that you are all well and as perverted as ever.




  1. I would imagine the fun has gone out of it for you by now! And you just do it because you don't know what else to do... Bet you are a mechanical fuck... Even with poppers...

    Master P

    1. Hmmm , i wonder what prompts you to write negative things on people's blogs ?
      Actually , comments dont get straight through , i have to approve them first.
      i thought i'd let yours through , as i could not resist the negativity.
      1 - No , the fun has not gone out of it. It is not about "fun" though , it is about having a genuine NEED to serve men and cock - i cannot live without it , i cannot be "whole" without knowing that i am being a useful sex slave to men. When i cease to become useful to men , that will be the day that i quit, but , i have a feeeling that it is never going to happen !
      A mechanical fuck ? i doubt any man who has fucked me would agree with that - as i always "give passion back"
      3 - Poppers ? i NEVER take poppers whan i am serving men, sometimes THEY do , but i decline.
      i only ever take poppers when a man desires to stretch my ass/cunt with his fist , as this relaxes me more , in order to serve him my hole in a better way.
      Have a nice life