24 Jan 2016

Week ending January 23rd 2016

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On Wednesday January 20th i had 5 men in my diary to visit me in 5 hours !
I was wondering if i had bitten off more than i could chew , but then , cast my mind back that i had "done it before!"

As it happens , the first guy at 1pm STOOD ME UP (Angry !!! ), then , at the last minute , two other guys emailed me ( with genuine reasons) to tell me they could not attend.

So , it just left me pleasuring TWO men.

My first visitor saw the return of "Mr.Beef".
Regular visitors to my blog will see his name coming up time and time again because he visits me frequently and i have been pleasuring him for over 5yrs.
So , no lengthy write up is needed - lets just say , he went away as happy as ever !

My second visitor i shall call "illusionist".

This young , black lad from N.London contacted me through a website called xhamster.
He had never met a tgirl before and said he would like to visit as "it is something i just want to try".
So , he found the right gurl in me , who will show him a good time and ask for nothing in return.

i am VERY good with first timers. i do appreciate that it must be quite daunting to walk in to a strangers house , on the premise of getting sex, and then that person is of a completely different gender to what you are used to.
So, i take special care of first timers.
i am never "pushy" but , i do encourage them to try new things. After all , if you have travelled all this way , you might as well make the best of it !

So , i began by sucking this young mans lovely dark cock. My oral techniques certainly gave him pleasure.
i asked him if he had ever been rimmed before , he said no, never.
So , when he allowed me to do this to him , i think it came as a HUGE shock and surprise to himself just how much he LOVED it.
His arse hole was SO responsive as he grinded his hole on to my tongue. He could not get enough of it. Infact , he was loving it so much , i rimmed him for twice as long as other guys usually request.

It was SO fulfilling to me , to know that i was serving him so well , in ways that he had never experienced before.

Naturally , being so turned on it took no time at all for him to shoot his load in my mouth , when i went back to sucking him :-)

On Thursday January 21st i pleasured two men.

i did have more men in my diary , but , like yesterday , some cancelled and at 3.30pm i simply "shut down" for the day and had a lovely , relaxing bath.

At 1pm i pleasured a delightful , big , black "Daddy" whom i have been pleasuring for a couple of years now and he appears regularly in this blog. He has a VERY big black cock , as big as a can of coke. He also has the biggest balls and ballsac of any man i know. His balls are as big as chickens eggs and , when you keep them in a scrotum it makes his ballsack as big as a grapefruit.

i sucked him and he fucked me in the arse.

My second visitor is another long time visitor of mine. "Mr.Sleaze" has visited so often , he even has his own key word search on the right of this page !

He is a handsome , toned "geezer" of a black man.
For the past few months he has demanded that i am hooded and collared when i serve him. Today , he asked for me NOT to wear the hood BUT i was still to wear my collar and lead.

i answered the door , as always on my knees and he took me to the living room by leading me on my lead as i crawled behind him on all fours.

Then , he began , what i can only refer to as "an onslaught" of dominance and using me like a slut/slave.
Eye contact was not allowed as he used my face and mouth as a fuck hole.
He used me in all sorts of position , often simply grabbing me by the hair and pulling me in to a new position.
Several times he presented his funky arse hole , for me to clean with my tongue.

He treated me rough and without mercy and whenever i "yelped" in slight discomfort he merely barked "shut the fuck up - i don't want to hear a sound from you".

And so , his onslaught continued as i silently provide myself for his nasty, rough desires, before he finally shot his load of black spunk down my submissive, white throat.

i have watched this man grow in confidence in the 2yrs since he first met me. A time when he had never met a tgirl before in his life.
He now finally realises that i am just a white whore (unpaid) who is here to serve him.
He knows i will do anything for him and will continue to serve him , even in ways which he has not thought about yet.
It is WONDERFUL to catch a glimpse of him , on occasions, when i am serving him and see him lost in himself , in a frenzy of pleasure and a connection with his sole that he NEEDS to use subs in this way. He NEEDS a submissive to fulfil his debauchery.
He knows that , even in the future , whatever it holds for him. Whether he gets in to relationships with women , maybe even gets married or has children , that he will still need to visit me - to excerscise his dark side and treat me , simply, as a fuckslut.
He knows it is a position i honour and am fulfilled in doing.
i am lucky that he came in to my world and , i guess ,lucky that he found me too.

When i am with him and call him "Master" , i mean it. He IS my Master whenever we are together.
He decides, dictates, uses and abuses me  in order to nurture his sole and fulfil himself.
He could not treat a woman or girlfriend or any other person he met on the internet like this.
He knows he can choose to bring his friends to use me too , whomever he wants , even dogs.
He knows i will always obey him and do my best to serve him and be a good slave.

i only wish that i lived closer to him , or that he could imprison me in his home for an entire evening ( possibly longer) where he can use me , then tie me in a corner or cupboard and then only release me to use me again. Perhaps call his friends to come over.

Whatever the future holds for us , i just hope that it results in the further realisation of his nasty , kink desires, where he can feel comfortable letting loose a side of him that , for the sake of social norms , he has to keep a control of.
With me , he KNOWS he can let loose and use me , selfishly.
i am happy and grateful to do so.

Below is a picture that i have posted before , of me accepting his spunk, that he gave me permission to use. It is from a long time ago. Maybe he will allow me to use more recent pictures in the future.

Here is a video , a representation of the way in which he uses me :


On Friday January 22nd i hosted a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party.

At the party were EIGHT greedy tgirls and TWELVE horny , virile,  Black African men.

The tgirls are there , simply to provide their holes for the onslought of Black dick.
There is very little "socialising" as the gurls know their place. They asume the position on the beds , stick their arses in the air, their throats at waist level and simply wait for a Black Bull to come and take his pleasure. It does not take long and the gurls are constatntly used for a period of 3 hours or more.

At this party, we had the pleasure of two new gurls.
One was the delightful Joanna , who has her own blog on the internet , which you might want to have a look at.
Here it is :


The other was the gorgeous Dana , a transexual gurl from Barcelona.
Dana will also escort to men ( any race) , when she visits London.
You can find her pictures and contact here :


She lives in Barcelona but comes to London a few times a year, to fulfil her London admirers needs.

If you are ever curious to know , in advance , of when and how many men i will be serving , you can see for yourself at





  1. Fantastic it's good to see pics of some of the black cock sluts on offer. Good job on that one slut

  2. @ Anonymous above. Thanks for taking the time to comment. i do read EVERY single one. i appreciate it. Tiffany xxxx