20 Apr 2015

Week ending April 18th 2015

On Tuesday 14th April i pleasured three men.

My first visitor saw the return of "Young J" whom i first pleasured in October 2014.

This tall , fit , handsome, dark, hairy Mauritian lad wanted me dressed in my schoolgirl uniform.

He arrived and immediately stripped and set me to work on his delicious dark , dick.

After a short while he says "we are going to your playroom".

In my playroom , he LOCKS me securely in the stocks.
My head is locked in a head block , my wrists and ankles are manacled to the uprights.
I cannot move , i cannot break free.
He leaves me there to consider my predicament as he goes and fixes himself a drink.

There was NO WAY i was able to free myself - i was there , locked at his mercy.

He returned and vigorously throat fucked me before moving to my arse hole , lube'ing it and then fucking me.
i could do nothing except face my fate as being his captive fuck hole. He left the room several times only to return to use me over and over again.

After a lengthy period of use and abuse , he releases me , takes me to the living room , puts me on my knees to suck him and he shoots his load in my mouth.

No pictures were taken , he asked not to be photographed.

My second visitor is a first time visitor to me.
i met this sexy , young , black boy through a website called fabswingers. i shall call him "boy secret" which is a play on words of his screen name on Fabs.

i am guessing he is 23/24yrs old.
i sucked his delicious dark dick and then i moved down to rim his tasty , young arse hole.
He LOVED it.
He cum by shooting in my mouth as i sucked him and finger fucked him at the same time :-)

My third visitor was also a first time visitor to me.
i will call him "boy suave" , which is a play on his email address.

i would guess that he is in his mid 20's.
He is an athletic ,young , black man.

He made it clear , before his visit , that he wanted my mouth and would be instructing me how to pleasure him.

He arrived , removed his trousers and set me to work on his dark dick.

He wanted his blow job to be wet and sloppy and he achieved this by face fucking me and making me gag. This produced lots of spittle , which i slime'd on his cock and balls.

Sometimes he wanted me to take it nice and slow , to "make love" to his cock , as he put it.
At other times he would roughly face fuck me and make me gag more and produce more spittle.
He verbally abused me , calling me filthy whore names as he took pleasure from my mouth.
He did not want to be rimmed.

When he was ready to cum , he face fucked me hard and shot his load down my throat :-)

On Thursday 16th April i pleasured two men.

The first saw the return of "Black Daddy From North London"
i first wrote about him in October 2013 on his first ever visit. You can read it here :

For 18 months now he has been visiting me regularly and he also attends our Dark Thrust Parties.
He is often in my area and simply texts to see if i am free.

Today was a normal visit from him and i sucked his dick and rimmed his arse before he took a condom and fucked me hard with his "beer can thick" 9 inch black dick. 

Below is a picture of him from a previous visit :

My second visitor was a new visitor to me whom i shall call "Mr.Portugal".

This handsome , sexy , dark , hairy man had emailed me telling me that he was in London , on business for the day and he lived in Portugal.

Isn't it nice for visitors to London to know that they can have a slut , waiting to pleasure them , whenever they visit ?

He did not want any pictures taken , so , i respect his wishes.
i pleasured him in all the ways that he desired which included oral and rimming.

On Friday April 17th , i pleasured a new visitor to me. 
I shall call him "Mr.G".... this is a play on his screen name on a website called Fabswingers.

He first contacted me 18 months ago as he wanted to come to a Dark Thrust gangbang party.
As with all men , an invitation is not automatic. i need to MEET a guy in person first , before he can be invited.

So , it has taken him 18 months to set an actual date to visit me !
Gosh , think of the time that we have both been missing out on each other !!!

He is a slim , assertive 26yr old black lad , with a slim , long cock.

He had written to me in emails that he wanted a piss whore.

Almost as soon as he arrived he told me that he wanted to piss.
i said to him " can we leave it until the end of your visit , otherwise i shall be all wet during my servitude to you ? "
He said , "No , i need to piss now and you being wet will just make it even better!"

So , he took me to the bath , i knelt down and opened my mouth.
He took out his cock and started to piss. He aimed straight for my mouth , ordering me to swallow as the flow came.
Gosh , this boy pisses a LOT and it was hard for my swallowing to keep up with the flow that was streaming in to my mouth. Naturally , some did get spilt and drenched my black , pvc dress.
i swallowed quite a lot , as much as i was able to keep up with.
He was VERY pleased that he had found a human urinal at last !  

He took me back to the living room and loved getting his long cock right down my throat and making me gag.
He also LOVED locking me in the rimming box and i spent a huge amount of time with my lips locked on his arse hole , as my tongue brought waves of pleasure to his hole.

All the time that i was serving him i was still dripping in his piss.

He decided that he wanted to cum by shooting all over my face. You can see that in the picture below.

What a sensational , assertive young man he is.
He has certainly earned his place at our dark thrust parties and i look forward to pleasuring him again.

My second visitor stood me up.
He made a definite date 2hrs earlier on fabswingers and then he did not show up , did not text , did not email me. Naturally, he is now on my black list !

This coming week i am only serving on two days , because on Friday April 23rd i will be hosting one of my www.thedarkthrust.co.uk parties where i already have lined up SEVEN sexy , greedy tgirls ready to be used by the 12 black men who have said that they want to attend !

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