4 Oct 2014

As i brace myself for this Winters servitude to cock.....

... i thought i would take this opportunity to thank you all for your lovely comments and your loyalty. I read every single one of them and i appreciate every word.

As i prepare to serve Dark Skinned, no strings ,  men in all ways that they desire PLUS the white men who want to purchase me as a whore, i want to share with you all just a few of all the lovely comments that you have left me over the years.

Thank You , Thank You, Thank You


I hope your summer vacation is starting out very well, and you are feeling good! Well done this first half of 2014, slut! I feel that your servitude, and blog, have continued to improve and impress. We all look forward to this season's dogging adventures, and to your return in the fall as an even more devoted and perverted whore and slave for Black Gods. Thanks for being you, bitch! Cheers, Mr Frost 

Mr Dragon here, my encounters with Tiffany are always an experience. She is what she says, a willing submissive cumslut, where it's all about you. Since my first time with Tiffany and attending the Dark Thrust parties we've got to know each other pretty well. She is unshockable, I like that. On Friday, I had over 2 hours of pure pleasure, with blowjob skills which are second to none. Don't even get me started on her rimming my ass! My real pleasure is fucking her tight tgirl ass, in all sorts of ways and positions till she submits totally and begs for mercy. I can tell you, It won't be too long till my next visit. She is a sensational bitch4black!

I have still got the photos from when I used you as my whore and left you covered in my cum which gets my cock hard. I must contact you to use you again as I want to do more dirty stuff with you especially with your toys and maybe my fist xxx 

I am a white male who has used tiffany as a whore she is very good sucked me and gave me my first rimming and I left her like a good whore defiled with her face covered in my cum. 

I've just had a big shit and thought of you. Lol. I have always had a fantasy where we sit at a table me eating a meal and a nice drink. You sitting opposite eating my turd with a knife fork and sipping my piss. I will be making it a reality for YOU and for me on November 7th 2014 , when I visit you. Whore !!! 

Greetings Tiffany, you splendid black cock loving slave. I hope you've been well, bitch. I continue to be impressed with your blog, your devotion to black men, and your dedication to being as slutty, sexy, and filthy as possible for your Masters. You are still working to improve yourself, go further, submit more, and please them in more ways as a complete and utter cock whore. Wonderful! My compliments. I visit your blog often, as do many like me. Keep up the great service baby, and keep spreading the word! Regards, Mr Frost

I love you serving Arab and Bangladeshi men. I am oringinally from Pakistan now living in Walsall. I find you very obedient and a beautyiful slave. I shall write to you soon.

You are a living proof that cum swallowing is good for your skin. you display a great face and glow (especially with a BBC close by ;)) You have a lovely face and skin, your attention for a whorish make-up highlights the tone of your skin and face. I guess you take particular attention to your face style. I wonder how much gallon of cum one need to swallow to see an effect like yours. Nice. Keep showing the direction to every other cumslut. Have a good week-end whore. Bye

Keep the pace whore... you may become famous...300 cocks and counting... http://www.imagefap.com/pictures/4602566/Black-Cock-Dogging-Slut-TIFFANY-Mix-01?gid=4602566&page=4&view=0reach the 500 bar asap. What is the approximate number of cum loads swallowed so far, bitch ?

Greetings Tiffany, My you have been a busy gurrl! I wanted to compliment your recent activity and dedication to Black Gods. It seems lately that your lust to serve Black Men has been deepening and intensifying beyond it's already high level. Well done, bitch! Please continue to chronicle your progress and look for any and all ways, large and small, to become an even better fuck doll, servant, and slave to BLACK. All your fans and all of we Dominants are behind you and both support and demand that you continue and improve! Be well slut, and revel in your servitude

Tiffany, what is wrong with you whore ? I don't understand why there is no more pictures of you knees down, a BBC close to or on your face, with your mouth and tongue full of his cum and the next picture with your satisfied face as you have gulped his load down. It makes you look so good and complete to have served this bull like a cum-loving tart. what is the problem with you ? best, and keep the momentum and don't loose that hornyness to serve and expose yourself as a free whore to dark men. Next, when will the time come where you will show yourself sucking a dark real-horse cock, cupping his huge ball and swallowing his huge load in a stall ? I know you are made for this and will enjoy it. What are our black brothers doing in the UK to promote that with you ? be a good girl. Keep the momentum and increase pace as a superb whore.

I am new to your website and blog seeing that you advertise yourself as a paid for whore for white men is this because you are pimped out by a black master? Or just for your own benefit ? See as you are such a horny slut I am would imagine you could earn quite a bit for a black master if you where properly set up and pimped out to all commers
Thank You so much for your comment above. The truthful answer is , i do whore myself to the occasional White guy. Mostly white guys who read my blog and are keen to meet me.
i agree with YOU though , the situation would be MUCH better if a Black Master were to take control of me and become my pimp. None has come forward for this position yet though. i imagine you are right in saying that i would become a good earner for Him.
Tiffany xxxx

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  1. Greetings Tiffany,

    What a wonderful post! So pleasant to read what I know is a heartfelt appreciation of our interest in you, our most favorite Slave to Black. The comments were fun to read; thank you for posting them!

    I must admit, after reading through the comments I am very interesting in hearing of the results of your Nov 7 date. Sounds like you are in for an intense session of servitude come that day!

    Here's to a good start to your season, slut! I look forward to many arousing descriptions of even more frequent and nasty servitude to your Master and Owners and Rulers!

    Take Care, you beautiful nasty whore!